Brody Jenner Refusing To Attend Kim Kardashian Wedding, Has To ‘Work’ This Weekend

Brody Jenner Refusing To Attend Kim Kardashian Wedding, Has To 'Work' This Weekend

Even though the whole world seems to be attending Kim Kardashian‘s wedding this weekend, a member of Kim’s own family won’t be making the trip up to Europe – and all because he has to work! Brody Jenner was having lunch at Malibu today when he was accosted by reporters asking why he’s not in Europe for Kim’s wedding to Kanye West. Brody shoots down reports that he’s not attending because his girlfriend wasn’t invited, and instead claims that he has to work this weekend.

Um, this is your step-sister’s wedding. I highly doubt your work couldn’t have given you a weekend off, especially since the whole world knows about this wedding by now. Plus, the ‘work’ that he has is a DJ gig in Chicago, one that he could easily get the next week or the week after. I don’t know, I just have a hard time believing that he so desperately needs cash that he can’t make it to Kim’s own wedding. Then again, this will mark Kim’s third time getting married, and Brody probably assumed that this won’t last that long either. And you know what? He’s probably not completely off-base here. Sure, I think Kim’s wedding to Kanye will last a lot longer than her previous relationships, but that’s only because he’s able to provide her with more money and attention than any of her previous boyfriends. But if there isn’t a fourth wedding, will Brody ever regret not attending this one?

He doesn’t seem like he actually cares one way or another whether he attends Kim’s wedding, and it says a lot about his relationship with Kim and her side of the family. There have been plenty of rumors about Brody’s dislike for the Kardashian sisters, and now he has a handy excuse for not flying halfway across the world to witness the wedding of one.

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