Justin Bieber To Make Appearance On So You Think You Can Dance

Justin Bieber To Make Appearance On So You Think You Can Dance

Has Justin Bieber already been reduced to making guest appearances on reality shows? According to Fox network officials, Justin will be appearing on Fox’s reality competition ‘So You Think You Can Dance?’ for a few episodes this season.

Apparently, Justin and his choreographer, Nick DeMoura, are planning on introducing a new feature to the show that will ‘showcase multiple dance crews over the course of four episodes’. After the introduction, viewers will be invited to tweet about their favorite performance, and that will be used to determine which dance crew was the most popular and which crew gets to perform on the season finale. It’s a nice little nod to Justin’s dancing talent, which he doesn’t utilize nearly enough.

However, who exactly does Fox think this little stunt is going to draw? Justin’s teen fan base has been slowly dwindling over the past few years, especially after his outrageous behavior over the recent months. Plus, having Justin Bieber on your show probably isn’t considered good publicity anymore, especially since there’s always a risk that he could lose it and start throwing a tantrum. In fact, I would expect to hear a lot of behind-the-scenes reports on Justin’s bratty behavior when it comes time for him to shoot his stuff for the show.

What do you guys think? Will Justin be a good addition to the show, and will he manage to draw audiences? Or will his guest appearance be yet another dud for the flailing reality show?

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