Beyonce Crushed By The Truth of Jay-Z’s Cheating

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In order to be that strong woman that Beyonce plays on stage she was going to eventually have to come to terms with her own life situation, right? So after that infamous elevator video leaked out a few weeks back it was kind of inevitable that Queen Bey was going to have to face her own worst fears and take a good, hard look at her home life. According to the June 16th print edition of Life & Style magazine it didn’t take much digging for Beyonce to realize that a lot of those rumors about Jay hooking up with his protege’ were true.  The truth has hit the star hard and those close to her are wondering how she is going to survive a summer on tour with a man that she can’t stand the sight of. Especially since part of their appeal is portraying a smoking hot couple onstage!

Speaking of broken couples, Bethenny Frankel’s divorce has been a disaster since the very start and as it still drags on the former reality star now claims that Jason Hoppy tortured her. These two have fought over everything from who would live in their home to (of course) custody of their daughter. As long as people listen it seems that one of them will be more than willing to complain. Does Miley Cyrus want Liam Hemsworth back? According to the new issue of Life & Style it might be what is at the root of all of her crazy behavior.

Can you guys imagine Kim Kardashian and Kanye West having another baby? Isn’t having one to ignore hard enough? Apparently less than two weeks after tying the knot in an over-the-top ceremony Kanye wants to start working on baby number two because he needs a little prince in the family. Kim isn’t exactly on board with the plan and it’s supposedly causing friction in their marriage already. How long do you think that Kim and Kanye’s marriage will last before things get ugly? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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