Jonah Hill Apologizes Multiple Times For Making Homophobic Slur Against Paparazzi!

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Jonah Hill caused a huge controversy by calling a photographer a ‘fa****’ this weekend, something that he’s been apologizing profusely for ever since. Jonah’s excuse for insulting the paparazzi is that they were following him around all day, saying rude things about him and his family to his face. But bigger celebrities have dealt with far worse from the paparazzi, and they’ve yet to fly off the rails and act like entitled idiots spewing homophobic insults.

Take Brad Pitt, George Clooney, or even Sandra Bullock, for example. Their children are followed, they are relentlessly stalked for candid photos, and the paparazzi will say anything and everything to get them riled up – but do you hear them calling the paparazzi a ‘fa****’? No.

Granted, Jonah’s apology does seem sincere, for what it’s worth. During an appearance on the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Jonah apologized on camera [after first apologizing on Howard Stern], and he said,

I’ve been a supporter of the LGBT community my entire life and I completely let the members of that community and everybody else down when I used a word like that this weekend. My heart’s broken and I genuinely am deeply sorry to anyone who’s been affected by that term in their life. I’m sorry and I don’t deserve or expect your forgiveness… I know I’m usually funny and stuff, but this wasn’t funny, it was stupid, and I deserve all the s—t I’m going to get for it, you know?”

He also tells young people not to look up to him or his actions, and says that he understands that he completely screwed up in handling this situation. As far as celebrity apologies go, that was better than what we usually get – and it’s certainly better than we got from Alec Baldwin. However, if Jonah knew that saying fa**** would be so hurtful, why’d he ever say it?

Look, I can understand getting riled up in a moment of anger and letting your tongue slip – but that usually means that you swear at people, not throw a homophobic insult at them. The fact that the word was even in Jonah’s vocabulary of insults was wrong, and no matter how many times he says sorry, people are always going to second guess the fact that he used ‘fa****’ as an insult in the first place.

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