Sandra Bullock And Chelsea Handler Both Vying For Chris Evans’ Heart: Who Will He Choose?

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Can you imagine a world where a guy would choose Chelsea Handler over Sandra Bullock? Forget the age difference, especially since Sandra looks much younger than her 50-odd years and Chelsea looks MUCH older than her 40 years. On a pure personality comparison, Sandra is funny, charming, NICE, kind, generous, and talented – whereas Chelsea is…. not. Look, she’s a comedian and she’s a talented comedian, but that’s about it. She’s not particularly warm nor is she a great actress, and her jokes are often rude and crass. Plus, on pure Hollywood terms, Sandra is A+ list and one of the few movie stars left in the world, so that immediately elevates her to a whole different level.

Knowing all that, could you possibly believe that Chris Evans would ever choose Chelsea over Sandra? But that’s exactly what the National Enquirer wants you to believe, that he’s actually conflicted over these two women. A ‘source’ tells the Enquirer, “Sandy and Chelsea both fell for Chris at the same time. Chelsea assumed that Sandy wouldn’t go for Chris because he’s so much younger, but Sandy is telling Chelsea to back off.”

Again, we haven’t heard anything about Chris and Chelsea dating or hooking up, and Chris has admitted in the past that he’s always had a crush on Sandra Bullock. I’m thinking this is just tabloid fan fiction made up in order to get some drama out of Sandra’s love life, even though she and Chris have literally just started seeing each other.

Of course, the Enquirer’s ‘source’ doesn’t just let up there, but also adds that Chelsea ‘reminded’ Sandy that she was ‘too old’ for Chris. Um, ok. First of all, Sandra’s dated younger men, and second of all, Chelsea’s not some 20-year-old either. Plus, male celebrities are always dating much younger women, so it’s great to finally hear of a major A-list Hollywood actress that’s doing the same. Go, Sandy!

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