Tom Cruise And Sofia Vergara Dating: Hollywood’s New Crazy Hot Weird Couple?

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Sofia Vergara and Tom Cruise dating would quite possibly be one of the funniest things to ever grace Hollyweird. Think about it – on the one hand, you have an A-list, Scientology-following movie star, and on the other hand, you have a bombshell Hispanic actress who tells everyone everything about her life. She’d be banned from being Tom’s girlfriend faster than you can say Xenu.

Regardless, Woman’s Day initially reported that Tom and Sofia hit it off and bonded over Sofia’s breakup with Nick Loeb, and Tom reportedly told Sofia that he would be willing to take her out anytime. Woman’s Day claimed, “He’s lifted Sofia’s spirits. She’s told Tom that he can take her out on a date. But … she wants to be wooed, and then some … There’s definitely a spark.”

However, a new report suggests that maybe people were jumping the gun by linking Tom and Sofia up so enthusiastically. Whereas sources close to Tom haven’t confirmed or denied the rumors, someone who dated Tom a long time ago [and is now friends with Sofia] reportedly claims that there’s nothing going on between Tom and Sofia.

Then again, she would say that if she was jealous or bitter, right? Maybe she doesn’t want Sofia to date Tom or maybe she just doesn’t believe that they’re going to last, or maybe she’s just upset, plain and simple. I wouldn’t take any of this as concrete news until we get a sighting, at least, but I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss it either.

If nothing else, Tom has been single for long enough that I’m sure he’s getting pressured to find a new partner. Sofia fits the bill – she’s attractive, high-profile, and gullible enough that she could probably be influenced to join Scientology. However, she’d still be too much of a loose cannon, what with her interviews and her inability to stop talking her relationships in extreme detail.

What do you guys think? Is there a possibility of a relationship between Tom and Sofia? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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