Cressida Bonas Signs Up For Her First Film Role, Prince Harry Moves On

Cressida Bonas Signs Up For Her First Film Role, Prince Harry Moves On

Cressida Bonas isn’t going to marry Prince Harry, so now she’s just leveraging the heck out of their relationship. The duo broke up a while back because Cressida couldn’t see herself marrying Harry and living the royal lifestyle, fearing that her independence and privacy would be compromised too much. However, Cressida has officially just signed on for her first movie role, so how is that any different?

Recent reports confirm that Cressida has been cast in Harvey Weinstein‘s Tulip Fever across models Cara Delevingne and Daisy Lowe, although Cressida will be playing the part of the ‘society lady’. The cast for the film is fantastic, so it’s not just some random launching pad or even a small one. Cressida will be making her acting debut alongside such famed acting legends such as Judi Dench and Christoph Waltz. Plus, the film is based on the 1999 bestselling novel, which also won a bunch of awards. If the movie follows suit, it could very well make a play for some Oscars during awards season, and how entertaining would that be? Harry would be stuck seeing Cressida on red carpets and awards shows, and he’ll just have to contend himself with the fact that she choose a movie career over him.

In the end, that’s what it amounts to, right? Cressida would rather give up her privacy to become a movie star than to become Harry’s wife. I can understand it – she wants her own life and her own career, but becoming a royal at least allows you some modicum of privacy thanks to the strict laws and rules governing the paparazzi in England. Celebrities and movie stars are not granted the same respect nor are they protected by the royal family, which means that if Cressida actually wants to become a Movie Star, she’ll face many of the same problems as she did when deciding whether or not to marry Prince Harry.

Then again, it didn’t really take Harry that long to move on from Cressida either, so maybe their relationship really wasn’t as serious as everyone made it out to be. He’s already had several rebound hookups, and it’s been less than two months since his breakup with Cressida. Yeah, I don’t think anyone needs to be worried about Harry – he’s a bachelor at heart. Cressida, on the other hand, seems like a celebrity disaster waiting to happen.

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