Taylor Swift Lonely and Depressed in NYC – Moving Back To Los Angeles

Taylor Swift Lonely and Depressed in NYC - Moving Back To Los Angeles

It’s hard to feel sorry for Taylor Swift when she decides to buy a new house/apartment/condo every time she moves to a different city. Taylor’s currently living in NYC, but apparently, she’s not the biggest fan of Manhattan.

New reports suggest that Taylor feels ‘lonely’ and ‘isolated’ in NYC, with sources telling Star Magazine, “She’s having a hard time making friends and is begging people to visit, even offering to fly them out! She doesn’t want any part of living in New York full-time – she really regrets moving there.”Aww, boo-freaking-hoo. Seriously, Taylor has houses all over the world, and she’s ‘sad’ about living in NYC? First of all, if she doesn’t like it there, she can leave. It’s not like she doesn’t have the money to fly back and forth from NYC when she’s needed there, and she could easily buy a house somewhere close to the city if she doesn’t enjoy the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple.

But something about this story strikes me as odd, considering that we KNOW Taylor has a lot of friends in NYC. She’s friends with quite a few of the young model crowd, including her new BFF Karlie Kloss. Plus, she’s good friends with Emma Stone, who also lives in NYC, not to mention Hailee Steinfeld and several other actors who are often in NYC for filming or promotion. I can believe that Taylor maybe doesn’t enjoy the weather and the ambiance of NYC as much as LA [much less paparazzi and photo opportunities in NYC], but feeling ‘isolated’? Let’s be real, Taylor can easily buy as many friends as she wants, and there’s no way she would ever feel lonely in a city that carries so many of her friends and colleagues. I’m calling BS on this story.

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