Miley Cyrus disses Selena Gomez over Justin Bieber – Jealous Selena Dating Justin

Miley Cyrus disses Selena Gomez over Justin Bieber - Jealous Selena Dating Justin

How many feuds is Miley Cyrus involved in again? Sometimes, I feel like she’s fighting with 80% of Young Hollywood, and I don’t even think that figure’s exaggerated. Miley’s issue is that she does and says whatever comes to her mind without thinking about the consequences, and she often doesn’t have to pay any price for that. In this particular case, Miley decided to publicly diss Selena Gomez by holding up a cardboard cutout of her face during her last concert, and then singing ‘FU’ while holding it. She did this in PUBLIC, with hundreds of audience members watching and videotaping the incident.

Sure, it was initially a fan who had brought the cutout of Selena to the concert, but it was Miley’s decision to grab the cutout and sing FU while holding it. It’s not exactly subtle messaging, you know? We get it, Miley. You don’t like Selena Gomez.Granted, Miley’s already in damage control mode and trying to pretend as though there’s nothing going on, but their feud is as clear as day. Most sources close to the two actresses are claiming that their dislike for each other revolves around Justin Bieber, although Miley reportedly doesn’t like Selena’s hypocritical attitude towards partying and drugs. Apparently, she thinks that Selena is spoiled and presents a holier-than-thou attitude even though she’s got her own issues to deal with. Plus, Miley did reportedly hook up with Justin for a while last year, and Selena probably didn’t take that well. In that scenario, I could see why both of them wouldn’t exactly be BFFs, especially if Miley got Justin to cheat on Selena.

What do you guys think? Why does Miley hate Selena so much, and do you think she regrets dissing her in public like that? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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