Ashton Kutcher “Controlling” Pregnant Mila Kunis’ Diet And Exercise – Report

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Ashton Kutcher "Controlling" Pregnant Mila Kunis' Diet And Exercise - Report

Is Ashton Kutcher trying to control every move that his pregnant fiance, Mila Kunis, makes? Maybe he’s just over-concerned and over-reacting as a result, but it still comes off as slightly obnoxious if he’s really doing that.

According to Radar Online, Ashton has been driving Mila crazy during her pregnancy, with sources explaining, “Ashton has been policing Mila about her pregnancy, diet and workout regime, and sulking when she blows off exercising or juicing with him. Ashton has always been weird about Mila’s diet, even before she became pregnant, but now it’s a whole other level of torture for her.”

Disgusting, right? I get that he’s trying to keep her healthy now that she’s pregnant, but what’s with the whole diet police thing BEFORE she became pregnant? Like what, did he think she was getting fat and didn’t want her to gain weight? Dude, you’re getting married to Mila freaking Kunis, I’d think you had more on your mind than whether she’s gained 10 pounds.

Also, the idea of Ashton ‘policing’ Mila’s diet while she’s pregnant is pretty reprehensible. She’s pregnant, for goodness sake. Her body will change, and she will get odd cravings for food that she should have if she wants. She’ll be eating sugar and sweets and candy, and honestly, Ashton should be happy that she’s eating a lot because that means their baby will be healthy. And the way celebrities lose weight, I’m sure she’ll snap back to her usual shape in no time.

What do you guys think about this report? Do you believe that Ashton would ‘police’ Mila’s diet, and do you think Mila would ever stand for that if he did? Mila’s always seemed like a pretty independent and opinionated woman, and I’d like to think that she’d go tell Ashton to shove it if he ever told her what not to eat.

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