Kate Middleton Pregnant With Twins – Palace Confirms Rumors?

Kate Middleton Pregnant With Twins - Palace Confirms Rumors?

Could Kate Middleton really be expecting twins? Well, we started to really speculate on the possibility of her being pregnant last month when she opted out of a charity even with fashion guru Ralph Lauren and Kate was also MIA for most of May. That certainly goes with her morning sickness pattern while pregnant with Prince George. According to the June 23rd print edition of Star Magazine Kate is now feeling great at 12 weeks pregnant and rumor has it that there really could be a set of twins on the way. Kate and Prince William have always maintained that they wanted three kids pretty quickly and so babies born about 18 months apart is thought to be a pretty perfect time line by many couples.

Do you think that Jennifer Aniston will ever really marry Justin Theroux? They’ve been engaged for nearly two years now and they just seem like one of those couples that’ll be engaged until they split, at least to me. Jen is currently at odds with her on/off bestie Courteney Cox over wedding plans. Apparently Court has nothing in common with Jen when it comes to wedding plans and prefers to make a direct b-line towards the alter rather than dragging her feet and it’s ruffling feathers.

One couple that’s no longer even pretending to be happy is Melanie Griffiths and Antonio Banderas. They announced their divorce last week and apparently Star Magazine got their hands on all of the details of the $65 million divorce battle that is right around the corner. Are you surprised that Melanie waited this long to kick her husband to the curb? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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