Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Premiere Review Episode 2 “Whirly Girlie” SPOILERS

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Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Premiere Review Episode 2 "Whirly Girlie" SPOILERS

Last night’s season 5 premiere, “EscApe from New York” was another great episode of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. We have our weekly review for you below and some spoilers for episode 2 at the bottom of the post.

EzrA is on a stretcher getting loaded into a ambulance. The paramedics are talking about how he has lost a lot of blood and it’s not looking good. Noel is giving a statement to the police about how when he heard the shots he ran up to the roof and when he got there EzrA was already down. Aria is freaking out and trying to get to him but the other girls are holding her back. They calmly explain that is Aria goes running over there they will question her and thus she will end up at the NYPD instead of at the hospital keeping a eye on EzrA. Alison is watching all the action from the escape ladder of a building. Alison sees A on top of the ambulance because that’s how A rolls….literally.

EzrA is getting wheeled into the hospital and guess who is right behind him, freaking A that’s who, just roaming around looking sketch, nobody bothering to say hey what do you think your doing following this guy that just got shot around in a black hoodie and black gloves. Unfreakingbelievable!!!!

The girls plus one are standing out in the open in the streets of New York because when a mad person is out to get you it’s always best to be in plain site. Hannah calls the police and tells them Ezra’s name and that she witnessed the whole thing. Hannah tells them that she is sure the shooting was no random act and they need to get a police officer to the hospital to guard EzrA like now. Hannah hangs up. The girls have this wacky plan where they are going to split up in teams Alria and team Spemah. Allison and Aria will have a ten minute head start to get to the hospital before the other girls set the lets try and catch A but completely fail plan into action. Hannah whips out a gun and hands to Aria you know just in case. Emily looks worried as they walk away. Spencer tells her she needs to get moving if there plan is going to work. They take off.

At Spencer’s Veronica and Melissa are talking while Peter sits on the couch drinking. Melissa can’t believe Alison is still alive that goes ditto for Veronica. Veronica tells Melissa if she hadn’t seen photographic proof she wouldn’t believe it. Melissa wonders how long Spencer has known. Veronica hopes its since the picture was taken. Melissa finally snaps and starts crying not for herself but for the family of the poor dead girl in Alison’s grave. Melissa shoots a glance at three drinks and counting Peter and then tells her Veronica there is something she need to tell her. Before she can spit it out they see the police lights shining in the house.

On the way to the hospital and fresh out of the subway Alison ask Aria if EzrA still has a chance with her. Aria looks at Alison like she has a third head and tells her she can’t think about that especially not knowing if he is even still alive. The girls speed walk to the hospital.

Detective Holbrook is just stopping by to let them know that CeCe is apparently not only smarter than your average bear but also a Rosewood police officer, but honestly when it comes to cops in this town it doesn’t take much. CeCe knocked dude out and threw him out of his cop car and took off in it. Holbrook admits they still can’t find CeCe or the police car. SMH. He tells them that it’s possible their daughter may be in more danger now because CeCe is sure to know where they are. Holbrook ask if they have anything they would like to tell him. Melissa goes to speak but Peter stops her and tells Holbrook they know nothing.

Mona is watching the news and is keeping her composure for someone who I’m sure is as shocked as everyone else is at the latest Alison development. Someone in red walks up to her. Mona puts on her coat and points out to her companion that this changes everything.

Back over at the hospital A comes walking out of a door with a white cost on over their A gear. A spots the two cops standing outside the operating room entrance and ditches the coat in the trash and walks off.

EzrA is on the operating table and the doctor notices tons of debris and that he is losing to a lot of blood.

As luck would have it as soon as Hannah, Emily and Spencer walk in they see A. They duck around a corner and decide to go with plan B to catch A. They sit down in chairs facing the window so A will be able to see their reflections.

Aria and Alison come in through a different door and head straight for the nurses station. Aria ask about EzrA.

A goes towards the waiting room and stops when they see the girls reflections.

Alison gets paged to the emergency room before her and Aria find anything out.

A types a group message. “It’s happening. Follow the leader.” A does it with those big gloves on and doesn’t misspell a word, meanwhile I have on no gloves and still have a dozen spelling errors.

Aria tells Alison to get while the getting is good and Alison walks away. The girls see A walk past the waiting room and they follow. A gets on the elevator so Spencer suggest they take the stairs. The elevator door opens and A sees Alison head out. A follows her down the street and through a alley and onto a playground they go. Alison is literally face to face with a faceless A who asks Alison if she wants to play. A informs Alison in their raspy and completely unidentifiable voice naturally that it’s over. Alison tells A it actually isn’t. Spencer comes out of nowhere and asks a shocked A no doubt if they really thought they would let Alison leave that hospital by herself. Emily pops out and tells A they paged Alison in purpose so she would know she was there. Hannah points that A is a bitch who apparently never read Sun Tzu. Alison screams hey and then maces A. The girls are super smug and about to kick some A ass when all of a sudden about 25 more black hoodie, mask wearing people come out of nowhere and surround them. Before things get to far out of hand the cops show up and break it up.

Aria is pacing in the waiting room of the hospital when the doctor who performed EzrA’s surgery call his mom. Aria walks around so that she can hear everything the doctor says.

Mona is on the phone telling someone they need to stay on top of this and that they are mobilizing. When she gets off the phone she states that they aren’t in Philadelphia (Lucas) they are in New York. Lucas to his credit and intelligence is more concerned that he is alone with Mona and ask her where the others are. Mona assures him that they are coming.

Melissa comes downstairs to find Peter about ten or fifteen drinks to the wind by now siting in a stool in the kitchen. Melissa tells him she wants to tell Holbrook what she told him because it will give Spencer a reason to come home. Hmmmmmm. Peter walsk up to her, gets within inches of her face with his own, grabs the bottle of liquor behind her and menacingly tells her that her mother can never know what she told him. Peter heads upstairs with his bottle and glass leaving Melissa shaken in the kitchen.

Holbrook is sitting at his desk when he gets a cell from the NYPD. They want to tell him about a shooting earlier that night. Holbrook tells then he is busy and could they please cut to the chase. The NYPD gives him EzrA’s name and tells them he will get back to them. Holbrook does a search and the first thing that pops up is EzrA’s teaching profile. Holbrook is totally on board know and starts looking up more on EzrA.

Aria gives the girls a update on EarA and lets them know his mom is flying in from Sydney but until then Aria is the only one there for him. Aria makes the girls promise to be safe. Alison tells her to call them if she finds something else out.

Alison takes the girls to the Fitzgerald theater to stay for the night. They ask her how she knows about his place. Alison spins a tale about how EzrA took her their once and pretended to be poor but was found out when the guy cleaning the place found them. Alison tells the girls from that point in she liked EzrA more not because he was rich but because he had the stones to lie to her. Spencer’s stomach starts growling so they raid the snack bar. The girls start talking about all the stuff they have done which kind of leaves Alison in the cold since she hasn’t been around. Alison tells them she needs to make some phone calls and let some people who have helped her know she is okay. Hannah follows her hoping to hear the conversation. Hannah hears nothing.

Shana plops down next to Aria in the hospital and tells her that Alison sent her. This is when it all comes together and I slowly realize Shana is one A on the A team and the A who shot EzrA. Doubt she is the Uber A that’s more like a Jenna or Mona type of gig. Aria is rude and makes it clear she doesn’t want or need her there. Shana is persistent she is staying. Shana notices that Aria looks tired and assures her that if she nods off she will wake her if she sees or hears anything involving EzrA. Is that before or after she finishes the job?

Back over at the Fitzgerald Alison is passed out. Hannah still shushes Spencer until she makes sure. The girls talk and Hannah tells them she would like to have played a sport and that she really likes Spencer’s field hockey skirt. Spencer tells her she can have it. Spencer tells Hannah and Emily that she never wants to go back to who she used to be a girl who just cared about winning.

Aria finally nods off. Shana covers Aria up with her coat she picks up off the floor then heads towards EzrA.

While the girls are sleeping someone sneaks in and slowly makes their way to Alison. They cover Alison’s mouth to keep her from screaming.

It was CeCe and she needs Alison’s help in making a clean get away.

Holbrook is doing his research and finding about all kinds of interesting facts about EzrA the most important ones being he knows the girls and that he is a Fitzgerald.

CeCe, Noel and Alison are siting in a diner and Noel hands over the money, ticket, and passport that Alison was supposed to use. Alison and CeCe get a little emotional and give each other a long hug goodbye before CeCe leaves the diner headed for her new life.

Aria wakes up and becomes aware that Shana is not siting with her anymore. Aria goes to the nurses station and finds out EzrA is in recovery. Aria goes in his room and sees Shana is already there. Shana is pushed aside by Aria who takes his hand. EzrA wakes up and is aware that Aria is there as well as Shana. EzrA starts freaking out and breathing really hard, his machines go crazy. Shana runs off and Aria gets ushered out by a nurse.

Emily is wide awake and waiting for Alison when she sneaks back in. Emily ask her where she was. Alison tells her no to wake the others and then tells Emily it’s better of she doesn’t know something’s that have happened. Emily tells her that answer isn’t good enough. Alison takes Emily by the hand and they go into another part of the theater.

Mona has a group of people gathered that Alison called named and made of fun of. Lucas and Paige are among them. Mona wants them to join up and prevent Alison from doing it to them and others this time around. Paige isn’t interested and goes to leave but quickly changes her mind when Melissa comes in.

Alison comes clean with some if the story with Emily. Alison tells her that CeCe wore the red coat Because Alison asked her to. CeCe was the one that helped distract A so that they could get Emily out of the coffin in Rosewood. We also find out for certain that CeCe is in fact the one who shot and killed Wilden. Hannah finds them and says Aria keeps calling but the signal on the cell online keeps dropping. Alison tells her to have Aria to call the main line of the theater.

Aria calls that number but the call drops again. Before she can call back Holbrook calls and Alison answers the phone. Holbrook says her name and Alison looks scared and hangs up the phone. Aria tries calling back but now no one will answer. The girls are listening to the phone ring and ring. When it finally stops they tell Alison how she should still leave. Alison tells them she can’t, she gave the passport and things to someone else. Hannah and Spencer become upset and tell her she needs to trust them and stop lying.

Aria goes back into Ezra’s hospital room and holds his hand. EzrA wakes up and removes his breathing mask and whispers to Aria that Shana is A. Aria takes off looking for Shana but she is already long gone.

Alison and company realize they need to get out of the theater but it’s to late and Shana comes strolling out gun in hand in all her A glory. The girls try to talk her down and do get her to stop but Shana is determined that she is going to kill Alison all in the name of love for Jenna.

While all this is going on Aria manages to sneak up behind Shana and take her by surprise she swings a prop at her which causes Shana to fall of the stage. They all look down at her and see the blood pouring from her head. Emily goes down and checks her for a pulse and doesn’t fond one Shana is dead.

At first the girls are shocked but the. They begin to realize that A is dead and they are free. Spencer makes a call to the police and tells them there has been a accident. By the time the police arrive all they find is Shana’s dead body. Alison and the girls are already gone.



If you cannot wait till next week for season 5 episode 2 we have some spoilers for the next episode called, “Whirly Girlie,” right below for you.

On the next episode the girls are on edge as questions arise regarding Mrs. DiLaurentis’ whereabouts.  With the events of New York behind them and back in Rosewood, the Liars are unsettled to still be living under a cloud of secrets. Aria is haunted by the recent past events, while Emily, Hanna and Spencer try to wrap their head around the new normal. Alison, on the other hand, is still sleeping with one eye open as she is forced to stay at home with her family – who she doesn’t trust.

Meanwhile, Jason’s odd behavior and Kenneth DiLaurentis’ search for Jessica starts to raise eyebrows about her disappearance.

Check out the sneak peek of episode 2 below!

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