The Young and the Restless Recap and Weekly Review June 9 – June 13th

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The Young and the Restless Recap and Weekly Review June 9 – June 13th

The Young and the Restless weekly review and recap – week of June 9th – June 13th, 2014. Enjoy!

Monday– Dylan shows up at Avery’s empty place and leaves her a message assuming there was some kind of miscommunication. Dylan hears a phone ring and see that it’s Summer calling Austin.

Paul tells Kevin it was a no go on getting 4MJ’s identity and that Avery’s ex husband is not a suspect. Paul gives Kevin permission to,find the persons identity illegally. Paul gets a call from Dylan telling him something is wrong at Avery’s.

At Austin’s he tells Avery to stand by the wall and he takes out a camera. Austin locks the door and starts ranting which tips Avery off to the fact he is 4MJ. Austin tells her everyone is going to know what she did. Austin says the confessions of Avery Bailey Clark. Take One.

Sharon tells Mariah Nick is going to give her a job at the Underground. Mariah is surprised.

Paul is at Avery’s with Dylan. Dylan tells Paul she was supposed to be shootIng there all day. Dylan tells Paul Austin left his phi he and Avery won’t answer hers.

Austin tells Avery she isn’t leaving until she confesses to killing his mother. Austin’s mothers name was Mary Jameson and she dies in a robbery. Avery got the robber off. Austin wants to ruin Avery’s life. Avery tries to get out but Austin pulls gun on her and tells her she int going anywhere.

Dylan and Paul are all over Kevin to find out who 4MJ is. Kevin gets the IP address. They call the number associated with it and the phone in Dylan’s pocket rings. They know it’s Austin.

Over at Crimson Lights Christine is thinking about having a baby with Paul.

Tuesday– Dylan is positive that Austin has Avery. Kevin gets Austin’s home address and Dylan goes to leave. Paul tells him it’s a police matter but when Dylan finds out Austin bought a gun all bets are off and he is out the door.

Austin still has his gun pointed at Avery and is still insisting that she confess to murder. Dylan shows up and sneaks in. Dylan attacks Austin and they fight over the gun. The cops come in and shots are fired. Paul gets shot. Really all this build up for weeks for toe minutes of action. Come on now.

Billy wants Chelsea to go with him to Australia. Chelsea declines. After some talk of Adam however she changes her mind and tells Billy she will go.

Summer goes by Avery’s and finds out about Austin being her stalker and that Paul got shot. Summer can’t believe Austin got away and she takes off.

Harding implies it is Dylan’s fault Paul was shot. Courtney shows up at the hospital and tells everyone Austin’s got away. Stitch comes out and tells everyone Paul made it through surgery but has serious liver damage.

Austin calls summer and tells her he needs her help.

Wednesday– Summer goes off on Austin. Austin begs her to listen to him. Austin tells summer he just wanted Avery to confess so his pain would go away. Austin doesn’t know what he is going to do. They hear sirens in the distance. Austin kisses Summer and gets up to leave. Summer sees that he is bleeding.

Jack is panicking. He just found out the guy Summer like is the same guy that was after Avery and now summer won’t answer her phone. Kelly tells Jack she is going with him.

Michael tells Lauren and Dylan the doctors are keeping a careful eye on Paul’s blood loss and are really concerned about his liver.

Hilary is with Neil at the Underground.

Jack tells Nick about the summer/ Austin/Avery mess. Jack wants Nick to call Summer since they are close. Nick does and he leaves her a message.

Dylan shows up at victors ranch to tell Nikki about Paul. Nikki rushes off to go to the hospital.

Nikki gets to the hospital just as they found out Paul has lost half of his blood. Nikki goes in to see Paul and tells him she needs him. Christine arrives and Nikki leaves. A doctor goes in to take to Christine and tells her the news isn’t good. Everyone can see Christine as she breaks down.

Summer sees Nick’s missed call and message but still chooses to help Austin.

Thursday- Chelsea is getting ready for the trip to Australia. Chelsea is packing some very nice lingerie. Anita notices and makes a comment about it, Chelsea assures her she isn’t interested in Billy that way.

Adam is watching Connor on his surveillance camera.
Kelly finds Stitch and tells him Billy is leaving to find Jenna. Kelly tells him he needs to come clean with Victoria before Billy tells her everything.

Neil proposes to Hilary.

Billy arrives at Chelsea’s and they go upstairs to say goodbye to Connor. Adam watches Billy a with him and becomes livid. Adam shuts his laptop.

Friday– Stitch tells Victoria it’s time he tells her what happened in his marriage before Billy comes back and does it for him.

Billy and Chelsea discuss a game plan in the flight.

Jack tells Nick that Summer used her ATM card outside the park last night.

Summer sends a text to both Nick and Jack and lets them know she is okay. Austin comes out of the bathroom and they discuss him heading over the Canadian border. Summer wants to be with him and they start to kiss and undress.

At Crimson lights Avery and Dylan discuss how close Nikki is to Paul. Dylan tells Avery if it wasn’t for Paul he would never have found out Nikki was his mother.

Christine and Nikki ask the surgeon if Paul will ever recover. He can’t tell them. Nikki offers to relive Christine she gets upset and tells Nikki to leave.

Jack tells Nick Summer is with Austin because she wants to be. Jack and Nick discuss it and realize they are probably heading for Canada.

The surgeon tells Stitch to out Paul on a list for a liver transplant. Stitch hears Dylan Avery and Christine talking. Stitch tells them that they need the right blood type. Paul’s is rare it’s type AB negative. Dylan tells stitch he is AB negative.

Billy and Chelsea trick Stitch’s wife into talking to them by pretending they are doing a documentary.


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  1. Kareem Williams says

    i have an honest question, when is this joint going off the air.

  2. Kareem Williams says

    i have an honest question, when is this joint going off the air.

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