Game Of Thrones Season 4 Finale REVIEW “The Children”

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Game Of Thrones Season 4 Finale REVIEW “The Children”

Did you miss the season 4 finale of Game of Thrones  “The Children?” If so, don’t worry! We have a great review for you right here.

This Last episode starts where it ended last week with Jon Snow on the hunt for Mance Rayder. Does Jon find him? You betcha because Jon always gets his man. Mance Rayder comes out of his tent and Jon explains he isn’t there to fight but instead to work out some sort of agreeable agreement. Jon and Mance are actually rather polite to one another, Mance even offers to drink to Ygritte, Pyp, Grenn, and Mag the giant. It almost gets dicey when Jon puts his hand on its sword. Mance explains that he merely wants him and his people to be able to travel in the tunnels under the wall so that they can reach safety because winter is coming.

If Jon agrees then Mance will no longer attack Castle Black. Before this can be discussed further or they can partake in one on one combat they notice a couple hundred guys at least heading their way. Mance looks at Jon who says no way no how am I involved in this in anyway. Jon’s telling the truth the guy in charge of it is nine other than Stannis who I suppose finally has a purpose on this show besides just talking big. Stannis’s army takes a large number of Mance’s. Stannis tells Mance he is the king and he is expected to kneel in front of him. Mance scoffs at that sad misguided notion and informs Stannis he kneels for no one. Jon intervenes before Stannis can do anything rash like kill a guy and informs him that he is Ned Starks brother and perhaps Mance would best serve as a prisoner. Melisandre is giving Jon Snow the googly eyes and seeing as she has red hair she just might stand a chance.

Meanwhile over in the house that dysfunction built Cersei is attempting to save Ser Gregor’s life. Apparently Oberyn wasn’t as dumb as we all thought, he had manticore venom on his sword. The doctor tells Cersi he might be able to save his life but it might require radical methods. Cersi is fine with that. Next up she pays a visit to daddy and tells him there is no way in Kings Landing that she will marry Loras Tyrell because she is in love with her brother Jaime. While Tywin is trying to digest what was obvious to everyone else on this show Cersi runs off to give Jaime some loving.

Over in Daenerys neck of the woods she is being asked by a former slave to well be a slave again. Apparently in his old age serving others is all he knows. Daenery’s finally agrees to on state a yearly contract for the poor guy. Next up a man comes in carrying a blanket. The man explains that it was one of her dragons who did this horrible thing. The horrible thing being burning his child to death. Daenery is downright saddened, guilty and mortified all at once. Daenery does the only sensible thing and puts two of the three in chains, Drogon can not be found.

Jon Snow builds a fire out and carries Ygritte to it and cries over her body as it burns.

Qyburn decides The Mountain needs another life and hijacks Pycelle’s workshop so that he can drain some seriously nasty stuff from The Mountains body because ewwwwww.

Bran and his troupe finally make it to a weir wood tree. But the celebration is short lived due to the fact that are attacked by those skeleton warriors from a few episodes back. Jojen ends up getting killed. Meera almost gets turned into a White Walker. Then we meet these little elves called the Children of the Forest who have been as luck would have it waiting for the arrival of Brandon Stark. This results is Bran finally coming face to face or maybe I should say eye to eye with his raven. The Tree tells Bran hey I just met you and I know this sounds crazy but who are a child of the forest, well maybe. Bran thinks this means he will be able to walk again. The Tree shuts that down but tells him he will be able to fly so it evens out.

Brienne and Pod wake up and to their displeasure they find that there horses have gone missing. It is while searching for them that Brienne comes upon Arya doing a little bit of pretend jib jab with Needle. Brienne strikes up a conversation with her and they sme to hit it off. Before they can get to friendly however the Hound appears. It is at his very moment that the little light goes off and Brienne realizes who Arya is. The Hound tries to act like the good guy and tells Brienne he has been protecting Arya for weeks. Brienne is having nine kid that and proceeds to lay a epic ass whopping on him. First they go at it with their swords but they lose them and its a all out brawl. Brienne gives him him the ball kick which he returns with a shot to her ummmm lady parts. Brienne is about had enough by this point and goes all Mike Tyson on his ass and bites off his ear. The Hound having had a earful of her nonsense proceeds to beat the hell out of Brienne.  Brienne knocks his jolly ass off a cliff but sadly instead of bouncing he tumbles. Brienne looks around for Arya but of course she has escaped in all the craziness that ensued.

Where or where has our little Arya gone oh where oh where can she be? Arya has gone down the hill to see the Hound, not to help him, but to rob him and then leave him dying even as he begs for her to do him in. Arya feels that leaving him that way is the best revenge for every thing he has done.

Jaime frees Tyrion who is beyond grateful. Tyrion hugs and kisses Jaime. Tyrion is almost out the gate when for whatever reason he decides that finding his father is a better idea. Tyrion heads to his fathers room. Tyrion becomes downright livid when he sees Shae in his fathers bed and kills her with a necklace he gave her. In his defense she did have a knife. Tyrion then visits his father who is using the toliet. Tywin tries to talk to Tyrion but Tyrion has had enough of that. Tyrion reminds his father that through the ages of time I’ve been known for my hate. But I’m a giver of simple choices for me it’s never too late. I am your pride. Agent of wealth. Bearer of needs, and you know it’s right. I am your war. Arming the strong, aiding the weak. I am your wrath. I am your guilt.
I am your lust. I am your law. I am your scar. I am your trust. Know me by name “Shepherd of Fire.” With that Tyrion aims and shoots his father not once but twice with a crossbow. Varys does Tyrion a solid and puts him in a box on a ship and after he hears the bells toll Varys gets on the exact same ship.

The show closes with Arya paying for her passage on board a ship heading for Braavos. Arya’s says to the captain, valar morghulis “all men must die” to which he replies all men must serve.


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