Miley Cyrus Ugly Jealous Fit – Disses Selena Gomez After Much Music Awards Win

Miley Cyrus Ugly Jealous Fit - Disses Selena Gomez After Much Music Awards Win

It’s become exceedingly obvious that Miley Cyrus does not like Selena Gomez. We could have guessed as much after she sang FU to a cardboard cutout of Selena during her concert, but she’s not even making an effort to reign in her disdain. When losing Favorite International Artist/Group to Selena Gomez during the 2014 MuchMusic Awards in Toronto, Miley tweeted, “wigged woting wis wack wust wayin.”

Uh-huh. And you know what’s probably even more insulting to Miley? Selena wasn’t even there to claim her prize! Miley, on the other hand, was fully decked out in one of her usual ridiculous outfits, and she was visibly disappointed when her name wasn’t called. I guess she thought she had this category in the bag, especially since Selena didn’t even bother to show up. Well, I guess Selena’s fans are just more vocal.

Selena’s and Miley’s feud can be traced all the way back to their Justin Bieber connection. When Selena was dating Justin a few years ago, Miley apparently hooked up with him, leading Selena to hold a grudge against her. However, Miley reportedly thought that Selena was acting like a hypocrite, flirting with other guys and drinking/partying a lot, but acting like the innocent angel in public. Either way, things came to a head between them after Miley’s supposed hookup with Justin, and Selena reportedly tried her best to avoid Miley from that point onwards. Unfortunately for her, their feud has become public news thanks to Miley’s on-stage shenanigans. The whole world knows that the two don’t like each other, and the press will be even more focused on their future interactions during awards shows and industry events.

Selena might try to nip this feud in the bud, because it’s just going to bring her even more negative publicity – something she doesn’t need after her reconciliation with Justin Bieber.

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