Julia Roberts A Cruel Woman: She Emotionally Tortured Her Step-Sister Nancy Motes! (PHOTO)

 Julia Roberts A Cruel Woman: She Emotionally Tortured Her Step-Sister Nancy Motes! (PHOTO)

Remember when everyone was under the impression that Julia Roberts was the sweetest actress around? It was an assumption that followed Julia around for years up until the time when her step-sister Nancy Motes decided to set the record straight. Motes committed suicide last February after insisting that she was bullied by Julia for years and her allegations are still affecting Julia’s daily life.

According to the June 30th print edition of National Enquirer, once Nancy spoke on the record about how badly she was treated others’ in Julia’s inner circle have started to admit that she’s not the kindest person. Even her own mother allegedly doesn’t like Julia!

The bad press has followed Julia for months now and according to the National Enquirer it’s also putting a serious strain on her marriage to Danny Moder. He is used to being controlled by his wife but the fact that her bad behavior contributed towards someone taking their own life is a reality that Danny can’t stomach. Not only is her reputation at stake but Julia’s marriage is also said to be on shaky ground.

Could O.J. Simpson have had an accomplice in the double murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman? That’s a theory that has been circulating recently and the June 30th print edition of National Enquirer has more information on the person who insists that they were both involved and protected from accountability in this legendary case.

Jessica Simpson has been on a mission to whip herself into the best shape possible after having two babies in rapid succession but has she gone too far? Jess is rumored to weigh in at 94 pounds now and her diet is more dangerous than it is healthy. Do you think that she has gone too far? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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