Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 2 Review Episode 3 “Surfing the Aftershocks” SPOILERS

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Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 2 Review Episode 3 “Surfing the Aftershocks” SPOILERS

Last night’s season 5 episode 2, “Whirly Girlie” was another great episode of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. We have our weekly review for you below and some spoilers for episode 2 at the bottom of the post.

The girls get off a bus that stops conveniently right in front of the Rosewood PD. Alison goes to get back on the bus but Emily stops her and all the girls give her a pep talk about how she has to tell the truth for like the first time in her life. They cross the street to the police station Beatles style. Once inside Holbrook sees them and calmly walks over to the living dead girl and when Alison goes to intro sue herself Holbrook tells her he already knows who she is. Holbrook ask her what happened to her and Alison of course loess through her teeth and tells him she was kidnapped. While in a room being questioned her dad shows up and Alison runs to him. The girls are not happy with Alison for lying.Mrs Hastings takes Spencer and Emily to their house and lets Emily know her moms flight got stuck in Dallas and she can stay with them until her mother gets there. Emily thanks her and then tells her she will go outside to call her mother. Veronica wants to chat up Spencer who just wants to take a shower and head off to bed. Veronica ask Spencer about knowing that Alison was alive and not saying anything. Spencer is more than forthcoming with a reason or answers. Veronica informs her that Melissa is back but not to expect anything from her besides attitude and secrets. Spencer goes upstairs for that shower.

Aria is in her room on the phone treating to get a update on EzrA. So one knocks on her door and she hangs up her phone. Mike comes in and starts firing questions at her about Alison. Aria doesn’t want to talk about it. Mike then ask a about EzrA being in the hospital and Aria slips and says she saw him. Mike calls her on it and backtracks and says she meant she talked to him. Aria practically pushes Mike out the door as she tells him she wants to go bed.

Back over at Spencer’s her and Emily are outside and Spencer is behind pissed that Alison dragged them into another one of her lies and just expects them to go along with it. Emily defends Alison’s choice which on,u serves to aggravate Spencer more. Before much more can be said they hear something and then see Jason acting sketch outside his house by his car. When he goes in the house Spencer and Emily head over to investigate, Alison throws her phone down to them in a roll of toilet paper. There is a message on the phone that reads “The truth will bury you in a New York minute.” Emily ask her who sent it to her. Alison puts a question mark on the window and the. Walks away and turns off the light.

Alison is looking at all of her stuff in her bedroom. She sees a doll and picks it up and stares at it blankly. Alison’s dad comes in and ask her if she wants to sleep on the couch. Alison tells him no that she has been waiting for two years to sleep in her own bed. Her father expresses how happy he is that she is back and tells her that he loves her. They both wonder where her mother is, on the way out he stops and tells her that he and her mother are getting a divorce. Alison already knew Emily told her. When he is gone Alison starts crying.

Aria is laying in bed at home and drifts off. She hears violin music while dreaming about Shana. Aria jumps awake and still hears the music playing. She gets up and looks out her window. Arias phone rings and it’s Hannah to talk to her about the message Alison got on her phone. Aria doesn’t know what she is talking about. Hannah starts to explain but her mother starts calling her. Aria ask if it’s from A. Hannah points out that A is dead, remember? But she really isn’t it. Sure I will admit that Shana was in that stupid black hoodie but here’s the thing it’s not possible she was A, she could have been recruited by A or even just dressed that way per what she knew from Alison but she was not the big bad in this. Remember awhile back when she was knocked out and then driven to the Rosewood sign? That’s probably when all the A stuff with her started. Which explains why she came back. I’m not even sure she really cared about Jenna at this point.

Alison is laying in her bed trying to sleep when she hears a noise. She rolls over on her side and pretends to be asleep. Jason opens the door and just watches her.

Alison’s dad goes to see Hannah’s mom and ask her to hack into his wife’s email account and see if she can maybe find out her whereabouts. Ashley declines at first but after some begging and pleading from Alison’s dad she gives in and says she will see hat she can find. Alison’s dad also tells Ashley that Jason hasn’t showed a drop of emotion since his sister returned. Ashley thinks he is just in shock.

Jason is standing outside his house when Alison comes out. Jason tells her to get back outside. Alison tells him to take a chill pill she is going to sit on her porch. A lady drives up with a dog that their mother was going to take in. Jason wants her to take him back. When Alison finds out that he will be out to sleep if she doesn’t take him she holds out her hand for the leash.

Mike sees Mona and heads over to her. Mike offers to help her carry her stuff. Mona tells him thanks but no thanks she has it. Mike ask what’s in the box. Mona tells him it’s whistles to protect other girls from the guy who took Alison. We all know Mona knows it’s a crock and yet here she is going along with it, she is going to want something in return I guarantee it. Mike tells Mona hoe much he has missed her. They walk together.

Spencer and Emily find a bagel shop bag in the trash can in front of Alison’s house which indicates that Jason has been in New York recently, maybe. The girls start putting two and two together and think he is the one Alison’s mom was protecting. Which mean he would be the one who hit Alison over the head with the rock. Nope not buying it.

Aria is listening to music when all of a sudden the only thing that will play is violin music. Aria freaks out snatches out her headphones and throws her player down.

Spencer and Emily are at Alison’s telling her about the bagel bag. Alison tells them about Jason watching her while she was lying in bed. Emily freaks and tells her she needs to spend the night with one of them. Alison explains that her father will never let that happen. Alison ask if Spencer thinks their brother would do that. Spencer who has been quiet up to this point says she doesn’t know. Spencer then rips into Alison and tells her how pissed she is at her for dragging them all into another one of her lies. Emily tells them both to zip it and the only way they are going to figure out the bagel bag thing is if they work together.

Hannah meanwhile decides to do some investigating of her own and gets the opportunity when her mom has to take a call and leaves her laptop open whole looking through Alison’s moms emails.

Spencer comes home to find Toby with her mother. Spencer is over the moon happy to see him. Toby tells her that he was just saying to her mother that contrary to what Melissa said he never saw her in London. Toby talked to Wren, Melissa was already gone when Toby got there. After her mom leaves Toby ask Spencer what’s going on.

Emily comes upon Aria is some shack in the woods making it look like they have had Alison hiding out there for a minute. Aria is clearly losing it and Emily reminds her that she also killed someone.

Hannah waits for her mom to leave her computer again and when she does she finds a email in her drafts that says “I can’t protect you anymore.” However it doesn’t specify who she was going to send it to.

Jason’s dad is taking to him about Jason knowing where his mother is. Jason tells him he doesn’t . Emily walks in with the dog and Jason’s dad informs him that when he sees his mother he can tell her she has more than a dog waiting at home for her. Hannah shows up with the emails from her mother. Alison’s dad offers to let the girls stay for dinner. Hannah tells him they can’t and they leave.

Aria comes home to Mike and Mona on her couch. It’s at this point that Aria finds out it was Mike who put all the violin music on her player, it was for research. When Mike leaves the room Aria gets in Mona’s face about all the secrets he has. Mona lets Aria know she knows about EzrA. Mike comes back and ask Aria for the keys so he can take Mona to the library.

Emily is asking Hannah why they couldn’t eat dinner at Alison’s. They hop in Hannah’s car and she tells Emily about the email Alison’s mom was going to send. Jason walks up and scares the hell out of both of them. Jason tells Hannah that her mother needs to stay out of his mothers business. Emily wants. Hannah to follow him. Hannah tells her she needs to,change her underwear. Emily yells at her so Hannah follows him.

They follow him into a dingy alley in a even dinger part of town he hits a buzzer gets let it in and when he leaves the girls go up to it and see if they can figure out which button he pushed. Some old guy walks up to them and tells them to leave. They take off. Who dis Jason see? Melissa? Mona? Somebody we would never guess?

Spencer’s phone keeps ringing off the hook. Toby ask her what it’s all about. Spencer says nothing.

Alison pays the dead girl in her grave a visit. Mona comes in behind her. Alison tells her she needs her as a friend. Mona tells her that she is the one who sent her the text and that Alison is going to wish that she had stayed dead. Mina takes the rose from Alison’s hands and leaves.

Aria is having a freak out and tells Emily and Hannah that she is going to the police and tell them she killed Shana. Emily tries to talk her down. Aria just want to know who the fiddler on her freaking roof is.

Spencer is heading to Alison’s to sneak her out. Spence sees the door ajar and goes on in. She calls out for Alison but finds Jason instead. They chit chat for a minute. Jason can’t believe that Spencer thinks he is behind what happened to his sister. They hear the dog bark and head out.

Emily Hannah and Aria get to the dog first. The gasp in horror and disbelief when they see what he has been barking at. Turns out the dog has been digging up Alison’s moms body and her hand is sticking out. Spencer comes running up. Spencer tries to stop Jason but he sees it anyway. Jason has a look of shock and heartbreak on his face.

The show ends with the her body being put in a bag and wheeled away while cops roam the yard. Alison is standing in the middle of it disguised by her hoodie.

The End!

If you cannot wait until next week we have some spoilers for your enjoyment below for you:

On next week’s episode called, “Surfing the Aftershocks,” the liars are forced to cover their tracks in an all-new episode airing June 24th, at 8:00 PM.

Also on the episode, Alison struggles with the death of her mother, as the Liars try to navigate through her new lie. Now being forced to live through Ali’s latest lie, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer try to cover their tracks, while simultaneously trying to piece together what happened in New York. Hanna and Aria have to close loose ends with the two people who know the truth about Ali’s story – Mona and Ezra. Spencer and Emily try to find out the truth about Jason and his whereabouts the night they were in New York.  Meanwhile, Hanna starts to examine who she really is – Hefty Hanna or Queen Bee Hanna – now that Ali is back.

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