Brandi Glanville Says Son Jake is an A**hole, D*ick, and F*cker on Her Podcast!

Brandi Glanville Says Son Jake is an A**hole, D*ick, and F*cker on Her Podcast!

Hopefully Brandi Glanville lawyered up after her recent podcast, because she may have a custody war on her hands! Eddie Cibrian, father of Brandi’s two children and wife LeAnn Rimes have about all the dirt they need to win their bid for full custody of the boys and it was all handed to them, publically, from Brandi herself on her podcast as she said horrendous things about her youngest son.

This is not the first time Brandi has come under fire for comments made on her broadcast. Not long ago she started a twitter firestorm after she commented on how she was jealous that her sister was molested by the school principal, but she wasn’t. In true Brandi form, she went on to say more inappropriate things at the time, but what she’s done now is far worse, and far more damaging, and her littlest son is the victim.

Brandi recently hosted guest Jake Lacy on her podcast. Apparently, in an effort to be frank and funny, reports that Brandi told her guest, “My son’s name is Jake. He’s 7, he’s a complete a**hole, but we love him. Oh man, he’s a d*ck, seriously.” The basis for her comments was that he neglects to do things she asks him to—you know, your average 7-year-old. She says her frustration goes in overdrive when she questions him about not doing what she told him to and he responds with, “I lied” defiantly, but with an effort to show his dimples.

Brandi takes no responsibility for the fact that her son doesn’t respect or listen to her. Brandi goes on, instead, bashing her son again by saying she’s already planning rehab for Jake because of his shenanigans. Not realizing she is inadvertently bashing her own parenting skills, states that Brandi publically shared that a problem on the horizon is the tot’s popularity with the ladies. “He’s basically got to second base with a lot of chicks already!” she said, even sharing that the first-grader had a fifth-grade girlfriend. He’s only seven and she has no control over him whatsoever.

Rubbing salt in the wound, Brandi goes on to praise son Mason, who she describes as “her baby.” She says he’s so sweet and wonderful. Brandi will surely cause some irretrievable harm to son Jake by not making the boys both feel loved equally. shares that Brandi told her guest that she tells Jake “Go f*ck yourself,” and calls him a “f*cker” in passing. Her lack of parenting skills and very damaging comments will surely come back to haunt her; by Jake, no doubt, but also by LeAnn and Eddie who will very likely use this information to gain the advantage in winning full custody of the boys.

We promise to keep you posted on this scandal! We want to hear from you. Should this be brushed off to Brandi just being “Brandi,” or is this way far over the line?

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