Tori Spelling Hunts Down Dean McDermott’s Mistresses – Plans “True Tori” Confrontation

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Tori Spelling Hunts Down Dean McDermott's Mistresses - Plans "True Tori" Confrontation

Ah Tori Spelling, what a hot mess of patheticness she is. If you tuned in to True Tori then you watched as Tori and her cheating husband Dean McDermott totally unraveled their marriage on camera, one therapy session at a time. In the name of being honest they worked through Dean’s cheating with Emily Goodhand, a woman who by all accounts appears to not really exist. The backlash to the show was pretty huge and it left Tori upset because she wanted viewers to think that she is heroic for staying with a lying douche.

According to the June 30th print edition of In Touch magazine Tori is ready to give it another try with Tori’s Journey. She is hoping that Dean will write down a list of all of the women that he has cheated with so that she can bring her camera crew along as she confronts them. Because that will make us think that she is strong and heroic- she hopes. I have to admit I almost hope that this show happens because it’ll feature Tori circling the drain at a whole new level of ridiculousness. I also wonder who she will cast as Emily Goodhand!

What do you guys think? Does Tori just need to disappear and focus on raising those 4 little kids that are unfortunately tangled in her dysfunction? Or should she do yet another show because it equals another paycheck- she has to feed those kids somehow and we might as well be entertained at the same time? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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