Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 3 REVIEW Episode 4 “Thrown from the Ride” SPOILERS

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Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 3 REVIEW Episode 4 "Thrown from the Ride" SPOILERS

“Surfing the Aftershocks,” was another great episode of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. We have our weekly review for you below and some spoilers for episode 3 at the bottom of the post.

Alison is lying on her bed in her room. Day and night go by they ask her if she is hungry if she wants a drink of water her, her father finally tells the girls to go home. The day of her mothers funeral arrives and Hannah goes to see her in room and ask her if she needs any help. Alison tells her no as she looks at the dress she is supposed to wear. Alison tells Hannah she will be down in a minute. Hannah heads downstairs and joins Spencer, Aria, and Emily who have all been listening intently to her father explain to Jason he doesn’t want to see any cops or paparazzi at the funeral. Once all four girls are together they start letting the conspiracy theories fly most of them involve the debate of who killed Alison’s mom, there is also that pesky problem of EzrA knowing The truth about what really happened to Alison, at the time Aria thinks it’s Noel Kahn they are referring to.

Alison finally comes down and when she does they all wonder where she got the dress. Spencer says it looks familiar and wonders where she has seen it before. Pick me pick me, I know I know. Alison’s dead yells at her and she explains she just wanted to wear something of her moms so she could feel close to her. Her father demands she changes her dress. Jason points out that they are already running late. Him and his dad head out. Alison doesn’t understand why her dad go so upset. Spencer tells her it’s because she is wearing the exact same dress her mother wore to her funeral. Spencer, Emily, Aria and Hanna are back at school. They are in a meeting with their jerk of a principal Mr. Hackett. He tells the how he will do,what he canto help them but in turn they must not be disruptive. Hannah tells him he won’t even know they are there. The look on his face states that he doubts that. Once the meeting is over they head out and begin discussing EzrA and if they can trust him to go along with Alison’s lie. They imply Aria needs to to ask. Aria says they can ask her to literally do anything else but that and she walks away. Next they discuss if Jason is the guilty party to not just the rock to Alison’s head but also having had kill his mother. Spencer is having none of that and she takes off. Emily ask Hannah if she wants to go to Philly with her that night. Hannah can’t she is doing something with Alison.

MonA finds Aria at her locker and thrust a card at her to sign for EzrA who is now back home in Rosewood which is news to Aria. MonA insist she sign the card to keep up appearances. Hannah sees what’s going in and heads over and signs the card. Hannah gets Aria to sign while MonA pretty much outright states she knows Alison’s story is a lie and she knows exactly what happened. MonA wonders what things are going to be like for them now that Alison is back. MonA at one point before she leaves takes the card from Aria who just stands there in shock.

Emily drops a little notebook that Paige just happens to be there to pick up. Paige tells her she wasn’t stalking her to which I say yeah freaking right. Paige tries to chit chat but Emily is not in the mood to talk to the girl who almost got her and the rest of the girls including Alison killed. Emily then runs into a new girl named Sydney who is beyond socially awkward and nervous, kind of a female Lucas. Emily thinks she is starring at her because of the Alison situation. Turns out Sydney is actually staring at her because she is Emily Fields. Sydney wants Emily to watch her in the pool for fifteen minutes and tell her what she thinks.

Spencer is at home looking out her window over at Alison’s house. Melissa comes creeping up behind her and tells her to watch out they might throw a rock if they see her. Spencer ask Melissa if she thinks Jason is the one who killed his mother. Melissa Is def on team Jason is guilty. Spencer then ask why she lied about seeing Toby. Melissa claims it’s because she didn’t want to get Wren involved in her business. They fight per usual and Spencer tells Melissa she is on team Jason is innocent. Melissa tells Spencer that blood is not only thicker than water but at times it also slippery. Melissa leaves. Spencer just stands there with a creeped out look on her face.

Hannah is at the funeral home with Alison and Alison heads to the bathroom after she spots a painting that really bothers her. The director comes out and hands Hannah the visitation book assuming from the description he got that she was Alison. Alison remarks that at one point it was easier to tell them apart. Hannah looks at them standing side by side in a mirror and flashes back to when MonA first approaches her and convinced her that she could become the new Alison. MonA was going to teach her what Alison secretly taught her, the secret to being unforgettable.

Spencer and her dad get into it about Jason and her dad tells her he wants them to move. Spencer is not only against that but she feels that she needs to be there for Jason. Her dad goes to storm off and Spencer tells them they don’t need to move that they can just build on since someone was already nice enough to dig a hole for them.

Aria ends up at EzrA ‘s apartment. She goes to knock but hesitates and walks away, before she danger gone however EzrA opens the door and sees her. Aria goes in and he apologizes for still being in Rosewood but at the moment he has nowhere to go. Aria ask how he is and he tells her he feels like a turkey that has been cut up and then sewn back together. Aria ask if he has heard anything about Alison. EzrA knows she made up one whopper of a story. EzrA catches on that they are all just expected to go along with it. EzrA also knows a out her mother being murdered but says Shana couldn’t have done it because she was in New York at the time. EzrA ask if she has hears from Shana and Aria says no. EzrA reminds her Shan is dangerous and to be careful. Aria tells him she needs to go and he opens his new lock to let her out.

Emily tells Sydney she can’t swim like her because her body isn’t the same as Emily’s. Paige shows up and makes it oh so always. Sydney walks away. Emily throws a look at Paige and then she walks away,

Aria gives Alison the manuscript for the book EzrA had written about her. Aria tells her that EzrA is going to go along with her story. Aria also tells her that EzrA has no idea that Shana is dead. Alison tries to make Aria see that she had no choice it was kill or be killed. Aria doesn’t buy it and she leaves.

Hanna winds up back in Philly with Emily checking out the building Jason went into one more time. Turns out it was where he stayed when he was getting sober. They realize that means Jason is innocent of killing his mother. On the way back Hannah has another flashback of MonA remaining her into the new Alison. Hannah ask Emily if it was for her to come out. Emily tells her no because she always knew who she was. Hannah says she never knew who she was.

Spencer goes to see Jason who is packing to leave. Alison roaming around is really getting to him. Spencer being Spencer cuts to the chase and shows him the email his mother was typing the night she was killed. Jason and Spencer discuss options. Jason seems to think it could be any number of people who killed her. Jason suggest that Spencer follow his lead and cut her losses and get out of Rosewood while she still can. Before he takes off Jason tells Spencer to remember she can’t trust him. Spencer ask who him is. Jason tells her he is talking about their father.

Alison goes to see EzrA about the book. Alison is positive there is more to his story than he is telling. EzrA tells her he is keeping some of it out to keep Aria safe. It kind of irks Alison a bit and she does her threatening without really threatening thing and then leaves.

Emily and Hannah stop for a coffee when they get back to Rosewood. Hannah spots MonA and walks over to her and proceeds to call her out on making her into the new Alison even though she knew Alison was still alive. Hannah thinks it’s because MonA still wanted a Alison. MonA doesn’t deny it she just says that Hannah didn’t complain then and that nobody remembers the old Hannah anyway. MonA walks away.

Spencer tells Aria that Jason is innocent and didn’t try to kill his mother which also puts him in the clear for Alison. Spencer thinks that maybe it was her father that killed her. Which also can’t be possible because he was at the police station but then again we just know she was killed we don’t know if it was before during or after he was there. Aria is still wanting to believe Shan isn’t dead even though she knows she is. Spencer holds her.

Alison runs into Peter who thinks she would be safer letting him give her a ride home than wondering the streets alone in the middle of the night. Alison looks doubtful.

Emily comes home to Paige waiting for her. Paige tells her she loves her. Emily kind of makes it clear they will never get back together but that Paige deserves to be happy and have the best. Paige says Emily was the best and she leaves.

When Spencer’s dad gets home she shows him the email. He seems less than pleased. Melissa walks in and rips it up. Melissa wants to come clean with Spencer. Peter tells her to zip it and the. Tells Spencer to go upstairs. Spencer gets upset. Her dad explains that she can’t lie if she doesn’t know anything.

Aria goes to see EzrA again. Aria tells him she doesn’t have to worry about Shana because she killed her. Aria tells him she didn’t mean to but it just happened. EzrA sits quietly for a minute. Then he stands up, looks at Aria with nothing but love and concern and ask her what he can do to help. I find it odd he didn’t already know, it was his families theater she was killed in.

Hanna is at the salon getting ready to change her hair. MonA is watching from outside. Someone approaches her and it looks like it could be Sydney. Looks like MonA has a new project.

The End!

If you cannot wait until next week we have some spoilers for your enjoyment below for you:

On next week’s episode called, “Thrown from the Ride” the girls continue to feel the pressure at school and from Ali, as Mona makes plans for Ali’s return to Rosewood High.

Also on the episode,

With Ali now back in Rosewood, she attempts to regain the role of leader of the group, but she finds her four friends are not as willing to blindly follow her every whim as they once were. Besides feeling the pressure from Alison, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer are also feeling under the microscope at school with the high school focusing their attention on the Liars. While most kids are morbidly curious about what happened to Ali, some are more focused on planning for Ali’s return to school.

Meanwhile, Aria’s depression continues to spiral, and she looks for comfort from an unlikely source.

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