LeAnn Rimes Tries To Get Eddie Cibrian To Have A Baby With Her – Thinks It’ll Save Their Marriage!

LeAnn Rimes Tries To Get Eddie Cibrian To Have A Baby With Her - Thinks It'll Save Their Marriage!

Apparently, LeAnn Rimes not only gave up her career upon marrying Eddie Cibrian but common sense as well. The two first got together while married to other people and so, of course, LeAnn has been afraid that Eddie would cheat on her from day one, with good reason and has spent the last few years hanging onto him for dear life.

It’s clear that LeAnn Rimes thinks that if she leaves Eddie Cibrian to his own devices, he will inevitably cheat and so her focus has been on him, period. LeAnn also has thought that having a baby would somehow solidify them as a couple and that he would never cheat on the mother of his child. Perhaps LeAnn should take a better look at Brandi Glanville, right?

Anyway, according to the July 7th print edition of Life & Style Magazine, LeAnn’s body is simply not cooperating and, in spite of trying for years having a baby, it seems like a fleeting opportunity. So much so that she wants to try IVF to get pregnant, but Eddie isn’t at all on board with the idea. Instead, as time has gone on, he has made peace with the idea that two kids (with ex, Brandi) is plenty and they don’t really need any more. At one point, Eddie actually suggested that LeAnn get another dog to squash the baby need!

The more Eddie resists the idea of IVF, the more desperate LeAnn is becoming to make sure it happens. She reminded Eddie that if they get pregnant, then VH1 might decide to renew their reality show for another season which means a nice paycheck. Let’s face it, her career is in the toilet and Eddie isn’t booking much nowadays either so they probably do need the money. Do you think that Eddie will cave in and agree to IVF or do you think that part of his resistance is because he wants out of his marriage

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