Kate Middleton Sick Of The Queen’s Bullying – Ready To Escape With Prince William And Prince George To The Countryside (PHOTO)

Kate Middleton Sick Of The Queen's Bullying - Ready To Escape With Prince William And Prince George To The Countryside (PHOTO)

When Kate Middleton was expecting Prince George she agreed to move into Kensington Palace with Prince William. It seemed like a smart move to be in London and it put them close to the royal family — just in case they needed help with the baby. Instead, Kate quickly realized that being in such close proximity left her wide open for all sorts of drama. Camilla Parker Bowles and her incessant bullying became a weekly occasion for Kate and her parenting of Prince George has been under a microscope since day one.

According to the July 14th print edition of Life & Style, Kate is desperate to leave, so desperate that she’s counting down the days until her renovations on her Anmer Hall country home are complete. She has convinced William that raising their kids in the country is in everyone’s best interest. Rumor has it that Kate is even interested in possibly homeschooling George and his eventual younger siblings.

Beyonce and Jay Z have been catching a lot of headlines ever since her sister, Solange, went crazy in that elevator back in May. Rumor has it that Jay was hooking up with Rachel Roy and got caught. According to Life & Style, he has been working hard to prove that he is totally invested in their marriage. As a last ditch effort, the couple has been going to couples counseling with the hopes that it’ll save them.

Speaking of a couple that needs saving, we have heard that Justin Bieber is doing whatever it takes to try and convince Selena Gomez that he has grown up and totally changed. The likelihood of him “growing up” seems small, but we hope — for both of their sake — that he’s put on his big boy pants.

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