Pippa Middleton Lambasted By The Royals After Disastrous Today Show Interview!

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Pippa Middleton gave a televised interview on the Today Show with Matt Lauer, and she probably thought she did a good job. Unfortunately, the public vehemently did not agree, calling her spoiled, conceited, and full of herself. Her interview was full of mind-boggling statements lacking any self-reflection on her own privilege. For example, she claimed that she was being bullied by the media, and that she was just trying to pave her way like ‘every other 30-year-old.’ 

First of all, she’s the one who’s been taking advantage of her sister’s name to land herself all these plum writing gigs – gigs that she was never qualified for in a million years, and that she did not earn. Plus, she just comes off as yet another celebrity whining about her obscene privilege, and complaining about how everything isn’t handed to her on a gold platter. I guess she doesn’t realize that her fame and career comes purely from the fact that her sister is Kate Middleton, nothing else.

Anyway, the royals are reportedly pissed about how Pippa comes across in this interview, with sources telling Radar Online, “Buckingham Palace are furious with Pippa. They wish that she would shut-up. It is obvious that she wants to define her identify and step out of her sisters shadow, however she needs to know her place.”

And her place is actually in her sister’s shadow. If Pippa wants to step out from it, maybe she should go get herself an actual job, away from the media spotlight. Or better yet, if she feels so ‘bullied’, maybe she should just stop drawing attention to herself. Of course, in the end, this interview will just serve as yet another launchpad for Pippa to land herself another job that she’s vastly under-qualified for.

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