Demi Lovato Nude Twitter Photos Leaked – Wilmer Valderrama Twitter Hacked

Demi Lovato Nude Twitter Photos Leaked - Wilmer Valderrama Twitter Hacked

It was only a couple months ago, in April, when headlines roared about a nude photo leak featuring none other than Disney sweetheart, Demi Lovato. It was especially salacious because Demi has shared a long-time battle with bulimia and continues to fight for those struggling with eating disorders. Demi created even more headlines after criticizing what Lady Gaga called “art,” where a woman was throwing up on the stage and on Gaga as part of Gaga’s show during the SXSW concert. Demi complained that Gaga glamorized eating disorders and was disgusted by this portion of the show as she knows how deep the struggle lives within many women.

Fast forward to July 3, when Demi’s boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama’s Twitter was hacked. Radar Online reported that the hacker published several nude photos of Demi online, which was certainly bad enough if the celeb was not hoping for a leak. Making matters even worse, the hacker posted a horrible comment and cartoon-type picture depicting Demi as an amazon-woman compared to the cartoon-alikes of Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, and Selena Gomez. Way to go on comparing a beautiful strong woman with her unstable peers just because they are thinner. This hacker is truly sick, as evidenced by the caption under the cartoon, “shes fat as f*ckk.”

Wilmer later posted a message to his 565 thousand followers, and though it was already obvious, he let his fans know his account had been hacked. While the pictures were obviously taken down, the damage was likely already done for poor Demi.

Celebrities really need to be more tech-savvy or just stop taking nude photos because there are far too many hackers who are all too anxious to put a celeb through some drama. In any case, this certainly wasn’t Demi’s fault, and the fact that she has to be degraded by such hurtful comments is really disgusting.  If the hacker is such a Miley fan, why not just take pics of her on tour….she is basically naked and seems much more willing to share her lady parts with anyone who cares to look.

Tell us what you think of this latest scandal for Demi.

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