Scott Disick Suffered Alcohol Poisoning – Endless Partying Only Way He Knows How To Cope With Parents Death!

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Scott Disick has been drinking more than normal lately, which is frightening when you consider how much he usually drinks and parties. In fact, new reports state that Scott actually suffered from alcohol poisoning while clubbing in the Hamptons last month, and he was so wasted that he actually thought that someone had drugged him.

It turned out that nobody drugged him, and he just doesn’t have any concept of when to stop drinking anymore. His relationship with Kourtney Kardashian is already starting to suffer, as is his relationship with his in-laws and extended family.

Scott’s drinking had gotten so bad that Kourtney actually kicked him out of the house, although she repented and let him back in pretty quickly. But if a Kardashian sister kicks you out for being irresponsible, that should serve as a wake up call. Unfortunately, it did not serve that purpose for Scott and he just continued drinking and partying until he got alcohol poisoned.

New reports suggest that the near-miss scared Scott into going straight. He’s now seeing a pastor for counsel and hasn’t touched a drop of booze since the incident. But sources close to Scott say that he’s still struggling with the death of his parents, explaining, “He’s had an unimaginable year losing his parents. There have been highs and lows, and he’s just doing his best trying to work through everything. He’s really making progress.”

The sources add that his method of coping up until now had been booze, which is why he’s been drinking so much lately. However, he’ll have to be careful with his recovery or he could just as easily slip back into old habits.

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