Portia De Rossi Pregnant – Ellen DeGeneres Agrees To Baby to Salvage Marriage – Report

Portia De Rossi Pregnant - Ellen DeGeneres Agrees To Baby to Salvage Marriage - Report

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi may have been on the verge of a divorce a few months ago, but the couple is now trying everything under the sun to salvage their marriage. A new report from In Touch Weekly claims that Ellen is even willing to have children if that’s what it takes, especially since Portia has wanted them for so long.

In Touch’s source explains, “Ellen never wanted children, but she is going along with it because she’s desperate.”

The source also adds that Portia came up with a very creative and emotional way to convince Ellen to have kids with her, explaining, “Portia made a video montage of Ellen with the kids she’s interviewed over the years. It really choked Ellen up. Portia hugged her, whispering, ‘You’d be the best mother ever.'”

Look, I’m all for a Portia and Ellen reconciliation, but how exactly would this source have witnessed such an intimate moment? If this happened, it would have happened in the privacy of their home, I’m sure. Portia’s already insecure, so she’s not going to risk being humiliated in front of a bunch of people she doesn’t know. So unless these tabloids have the housekeepers and maids setting up secret nanny cams around their house, I have a hard time comprehending their insight into the personal details of Ellen’s and Portia’s love life.

But of course, even with that being said, I have a feeling that Ellen and Portia may not put off kids forever. Their marriage might be in trouble, and Portia may be dealing with substance abuse issues, but plenty of sources have stated that they are finally warming to the idea of a new addition to the family.

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