Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 8 “Scream For Me” REVIEW

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Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 8 “Scream For Me” REVIEW

“Scream For Me,” was another great episode of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. We have our weekly review for you below:

The girls are in the music room singing what sounds to me like a Christmas Carol. Did I say all the girls I’m sorry what I meant was Aria, Spencer, and Emily are singing. Hannah is to hung over to keep up and Alison is getting questioned by Tanner, damn I miss Holbrook. Tanner is pretty much pointing out to Alison that her story is clearly made up by a lying liar who lies and thus should just come clean about her connection to Shana and why she moved to Rosewood and then ended up dead in New York. Alison who clearly lives on planet Denial sticks to her guns and her story. Alison finally is allowed to leave her interrogation and runs straight for the girls and tells them that whole chit chat with Tanner was about Shana. Naturally they all assume that means she knows they are lying and of course we know for fact she does know they are lying. Alison notices something odd about her music sheet ….all the A’s have been circled. A was also nice enough to leave a little note on the last page that reads ” Glad to see you singing. last time you were all choked up. – A” Alison immediately reaches for her throat and looks around the room. Aria heads off to call EzrA and tell him to mind his o’s and Q’s in New York.

Hanna is tripping and tumbling to her locker while Spencer and Emily walk a step behind. Hannah is literally struggling to get a book out of her locker when a beer can comes falling out. Spencer ask her if it’s for recycling. Hannah tells her to shut her yap and then blames the can on Caleb. Emily and Spencer pretty much just want her to apologize to Aria for blabbity blabbing to Sydney about their stay in New York. Hannah informs them she already has via a voicemail on Arias phone. They insist that simply will not do. Hannah tells them Aria doesn’t want to hear what she has to say.

Aria meanwhile is outside leaving a message on EzrA’s phone when her mom comes up. Ella is there to drop off invites to her engagement party on Saturday. Ella ask Aria to be her Maid of Honor. Aria accepts and hugs her mom. Ella then tells her she needs to be at the bridal shop with her after school. Aria tells her she has Radley that day. Ella ask her if she can reschedule and begins to explain the importance of the appointment when Arias phone rings and since it’s EzrA she blows her mom off, thinks of a excuse, and takes off to answer her phone.

Hannah is outside talking to Caleb who she had lunch plans with. Caleb is still sleeping, hung over is as hung over does. Hannah tells him not to worry and that she will see him later. Alison comes breezing over and giver her a bottle of water. Hannah apologizes for the shitty way she acted at Emily’s dinner party and how she almost blew up Alison’s big lie. Alison tells her it’s okay and then ask Hannah if that’s all that was wrong or if something else is going on. Hannah tells her nope that was it. Alison then tells Hannah her dad is going out of town for a few days and she wants to stay at Hannah’s. Hannah tells Alison she will talk to her mom about it and let her know.
Spencer shows the pictures that Bethany Young drew to Toby. Spencer tells him the only connection Bethany and Alison’s mom had was Radley and now A. Toby is understandably upset and then informs Soencer he is going to the Police Academy. Spencer thinks it a joke at first but when Toby assures her it isn’t she becomes upset and tells him he shouldn’t do it. Toby tells her the fact of the matter is he will do it and when he gets on the Rosewood Police force he will have access to all kinds of information like police records for instance.

Aria is at Radley and as soon as she gets caught snooping around by a very unpleasant nurse she ask about Eddie Lamb. The nurse tells her that he quit the day before (I think she meant A quit for him). Aria is surprised and ask about another hundred questions before the nurse becomes annoyed and tells her to get her butt in the art therapy class where she is supposed to be instead of trying to speed date every orderly in Radley. Aria gets shooed into the room and then sneaks back out to put the book of drawings back in Rhonda’s room. Aria isn’t as slick as she thinks and gets caught by Rhonda. Aria apologizes and tries to leave. Rhonda grabs her and tells her she will forget she was there but it will cost Aria.

Hannah gets home and finds her mom sympathizing for Alison and her big lie. Although in fairness to Allison I think there are moments of truth in her lie. Hannah is not pleased. Ashley sends Alison up to take a bath and gives her some bath salts which she keeps in a cabinet in her kitchen. Ashley wants Hannah to make up the guest bed for Allison. Hannah tells her she can’t because she is going to have dinner with Caleb. Ashley ask her to at least show Allison where the guest towels are. Hannah says she will and then informs her mom she has been asking to use those bath salts forever. Hannah takes off.

All Rhonda wanted from Aria to keep her mouth shut was a bag of cheesy puffs and a root beer. Aria and Rhonda start talking and Rhonda tells Aria that not only did Bethany know Alison’s mom but she also bought her stuff like a horse named Custard. Before Aria can really get into detail or find out if Rhonda might know anything else the nurse comes in and throws Aria out for giving Rhonda who is a diabetic a drink full of sugar.

Hannah is in Caleb’s car complaining about Alison when she decides she is hungry and walks over to the Brew to get something. It’s closed but Zach comes out and decides he will make her something to go.

Sydney comes breezing into Emily’s room with a sweater she had made for her for the assistant coaching job on the swim team. Emily and Sydney start talking and Sydney slips that she knew they were in New York. Sydney tries to play it off but Emily isn’t falling for it.

Back at the Brew Hannah’s sandwich is ready to go and Zach is all of a sudden a complete sleaze. He actually puts his hand on Hannah and runs it down her back in a suggestive way. Hanna bounces as quick as she can and Zach leers at her as she walks out. What is it about the guys on this show? These girls literally can’t trust any male over the age of 30,fathers included.
Aria is on the phone with Emily telling her everything she found out from Rhonda. Emily seems surprised she is still going back to Radley. Aria explains she gave her a freaking soda how was she supposed to know it needed to be sugar free. Aria is busy running off the pictures of Bethany’s drawings when Ella’s comes flying in. Aria immediately realizes why and apologizes for not being there. Ella’s ask if she is doing this because she doesn’t want her getting married. Aria assures her that isn’t why. Ella’s tells her she will reschedule the appointment.

Hannah is getting wasted at Caleb’s and thinking about her earlier run in with Zach. Hannah tells Caleb she wants to go home. Caleb tells her he is in no condition to drive but that he will call her a cab. Hannah comments on how shirt her skirt is. Caleb tells her it isn’t and drags her into his lap for a kiss. Caleb wants her to stay but Hanna insist on going home.

Emily is getting questioned by the music teacher about where Hannah is. Emily has no idea. Emily tells Spencer Aria found out the name of the stables. Spencer ask her if she wants to head there after school. Emily ask her to what end. Just then Hannah comes in rice krispie in hair and all. Hannah ask Emily to get it out for her. While Emily Is attempting it Hannah tells her and Spencer about her disturbing moment with Zach. They seem to think she should zip it lock it and put it in her pocket just in case it was innocent instead if worrying Aria with it. Hannah tells then they are right and then she takes off claiming she needs to go use the bathroom.

Ashley is yelling for Hannah demanding to know why she didn’t go to school. Instead of Hannah she finds Alison siting in the window seat crying. Alison tells her Hannah left with Caleb. Alison then tells her she heard noises all night long and they kept her awake. Ashley notices she slept inside a little cubby in Hannah’s room. Ashley tells Alison she will call the school and that Alison should take the day to rest.

Spencer and Emily are at the stables and they talk to the riding instructor/stable hand. Spencer tries being witty but he isn’t impressed. He walks off and they follow.

Ashley comes into Hannah’s room and tells Alison that Hannah is eating dinner with Caleb again and that they are going out to dinner because Alison has been in posse all day long.

Soon enough he comments on Alison’s mom and the girl she brought and the strange incident involving the bucket, apparently the girl became upset when Alison’s mom asked her to call her Aunt Jessie. He warns then they should head home unless they want to get stuck in the storm. Spencer thanks him and then walks off. Emily follows and ask Spencer what she is up to. Spencer tells her she wants to look around.

Hannah is sitting in here car lost in thought. Zach knocks on the window and then lets himself into her car. Hannah Hannah Hannah why aren’t your doors locked? Zach sits down and comments on a vibe he thought he was feeling with Hannah last night and gives her his number and tells her to call him, he then reaches over and squeezes her leg. When he gets out of the car she rips up his number which she should have kept as proof for Aria and the other girls.

There is a huge thunderstorm going on outside and Ashley walks into the kitchen and sees the window open. Ashley lays her phone down by the knife stand and closes it. Ashley then hears the floorboards creaking and starts calling for Hannah. When she doesn’t get a response she calls Alison who answers from upstairs. Ashley heads towards the from door sees that it is also open and instead of running out it she shuts it. She turns around and sees a hooded figure in her kitchen. She grabs someone of pointy decoration in her house, Alison comes downstairs and she ask her for her phone. She hands it to her just as they see his shadow with the strike of lightening. All of a sudden they leave out Ashley’s backdoor. Her and Alison look out the window while she calls the police.

Tanner shows up and gives Alison the Spanish Inquisition when she mentions she heard creaking. Which is a dead give away because if you remember the only thing that creaks in the Marin house is the stairs which means Alison must have been in on the whole thing. Ashley not knowing to connect the dots just yet and still feeling bad for Alison informs Tanner she needs to stop treating the victims like criminals and catch this guy before he strikes again.

Hannah goes to arias to tell,her about Zach. Hannah just kind of blurts it out and Aria doesn’t believe her she even goes as far as accusing her of being drunk and coming on to Zach. Aria tells her she is more than welcome to self destruct but she isn’t going to take Arias mom with her. Aria shows her the door.

True to her word Spencer is playing Sherlock and trying to see if there is a record of who had been at the stables. Emily finds a riding hat and Spencer recognizes it as being Melissa’s and sure enough when they turn it over the initial M H are in it. While Spencer and Emily argue over what this must mean and the fact Emily wants to go home because the horse is freaking out A manages to lock then in the stall next to the horse that is freaking out. The horse starts kicking and Spencer and Emily set up a ladder so the horse can’t kick through. In the process Spencer gets a hoof in the face. The horse manages to knock the ladder through the stall door and they run out.

Spencer has got a piece off ice in a cloth on her eye when someone knocks on the kitchen door. At first she can’t see because her eye is blurry but she finally makes out Toby. She lets him and he ask what happened to her eye. Spencer lies at first but then the whole story comes tumbling out. Toby tells her he is so tired of feeling powerless. Spencer apologizes and tells him that if he wants to join the police she will support it. She then brings up what a shambles her family is n and starts to cry. Toby holds the ice for her and presses his head against hers.

Aria is sitting at home making flowers and looking at Zach. Aria tells Ella she is going to call it a night but then her mom tells her she rented the movie she wanted to see so Aria sits down to watch it. Ella on one side and Zach on the other.
Alison, Spencer, and Emily meet up at Alison’s house where she is packing more clothes tom take to Hannah’s. They start discussing what happened at Hannah’s house end Alison comes clean and admits it was Noel Kahn who broke in, she asked him to do it because she needed a adult to believe her story. Spencer and Emily can’t believe their ears. Alison thinks there is no problem because it worked.

A Tag: A is roaming around a room that has pictures of Spencer in it. A comes to a riding hat which I’m guessing is Melissa’s. A picks it up rubs it and puts it down. A then goes over to a red chair lifts the cushion and opens a wooden box hidden underneath it.


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