Selena Gomez’s Family Rallies To Send Her to Rehab After Overdose

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Selena Gomez's Family Rallies To Send Her to Rehab After Overdose

Remember when it seemed like Selena Gomez might be one of the few Disney stars to make it out of the clutches of the network without a major problem? Yeah, well apparently girlfriend hasn’t been so lucky. We already know that her taste in men is pretty horrific. I mean she probably could bag just about any guy that she wants and what she wants more often than not is Justin Bieber- or an equally shady guy. Apparently the recent split from Justin sent Selena spiraling out of control. So many have blamed her partying and drug use on Biebs but the fact of the matter is that she parties even harder without him.

According to the Aug. 11th print edition of In Touch Magazine Selena recently overdosed and after the fact her family and friends are begging the former child star to get help. She briefly went to rehab back in January but bopped out after two weeks when Biebs got himself into legal trouble. By all accounts Selena ditched out on getting better in order to support him and the end result has been disastrous.Is the marriage of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon coming to a screeching halt? There have been rumors for the last year that these two are on the outs. They have rarely spent time together and Mariah has often taken shots at her husband in the press. It seems like things have been barely civil let alone good and now we’re hearing that a $495 million divorce battle could be around the corner!

One couple that is doing well is Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson. The newlyweds seem extra happy together but that doesn’t mean that they are problem free. Jessica whipped herself into great shape for the wedding but In touch claims that she is teetering under 100 pounds and wants to keep losing. Do you think that Jess has taken her dieting too far? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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