True Blood Season 7 Episode 8 “Almost Home” Review

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True Blood Season 7 Episode 8 “Almost Home” Review

Here’s what happened on True Blood Season 7 episode 8 “Almost Home.”

Pam and Eric have found Sarah and they swoop in and Eric grabs her. While he has her dangling by the throat he weighs his options should he or shouldn’t he kill her ….decisions decisions. Some Yakuza pull out their guns. Pam wisely suggest Eric pace himself and not doing anything irrational like kill Sarah. Sarah uses herself as a bargaining chip by reminding Eric if she dies so does he. Eric snaps out of it and takes a big gulp out of Sarah. Eric’s all better now much to my delight.

Bill and Sookie are engaged in some pillow talk. Sookie decides before he dies that they should play a rousing game of twenty questions. Bill finally explains to Sookie the only reason Sophie-Anne wanted her was because she was a fairie and she wanted to make Sookie breed baby fairies. Talk turns to how much they loved each other.

Over in “I dream of Tara land” Lafayette’s helping Lettie Mae dig up some other family’s backyard looking for whatever in the hell it is Tara wants them to find. The Reverend comes by and offers apologies to the family who’s front yard they have destroyed. Before the Reverand can go off on them Lafayette tells him that they aren’t high they are merely listening to a vision. James comes along and the Reverend assumes he is their supplier which technically is not a incorrect statement. Lettie Mae suggest the Reverend join them on one of their little trips to never never land. Much to my shock he does and soon all three are one with Tara, Tara leads them to the home of the family. We see a vision of when Tara, Lafayette, and Sookie were all little kids at a birthday party for Tara. When her father gets home he is three kinds of pissed at Lettie Mae for having the nerve to spend his money on a party for Tara. He starts smacking people around.

Hoyt is with Jason and his new girlfriend Bridget. They are looking through his moms stuff. Jason gets a text from Violet in which she lets him know that she is holding Wade and Adylin prisoner. Jason takes off like the flash and calls Andy. Andy is miles away with Holly at the cabin. Andy puts Jason in charge of getting the kids back. Those poor kids. Bridget decides she should go with Jason even though he expresses what a horribly bad idea that is.

At Fangtasia Mr. Yakonoma tells Eric and Pam that Sarah’s blood has been replicated. Pam ask what in the hell is taking so long for them to get their money…you know for the cure. Mr. Yakonoma explains to Pam that they want the drug to be more of a healthy dose than a cure all. That way they will always have money rolling in.

Jason heads over to Violets house on haunted hill. Jason hands Bridget a gun so she can have her own back. Almost as soon as he walks in Violet gets the upper hand. Then she goes on one of those epic rants that can only be fully appreciated by another woman who has been betrayed. She goes on and on about how she has brought powerful men throughout history to their knees and how when she lets someone in they never want out. Violet then takes Jason and locks him up next to Adylin and Wade. Oh yeah Jessica is locked up as well. Violet gleefully tells them all she plans on torturing them each and everyone. Then she starts up another rant something about worshiping the ground she walks on. Thankfully she gets a shot in the heart and we are all put out of her misery. Hoyt is the hero. Jessica does a triple take when she sees Hoyt and his new girlfriend Bridget.

Back with Tara and company we see a different vision this one is of Lettie Mae getting beat by Tara’s dad. Tara walks in with a gun and is going to shoot him but at the last minute she doesn’t instead she buries it outside. So basically they have been digging for a gun this whole time. Yeah I don’t get it either. When they get outside of the house they see Tara in her white dress. She tells her mom she is sorry she never pulled the trigger. She tells Lettie Mae to let her go and learn to forgive herself. Tara makes her promise she will stop living a life of guilt. Tara then walks away into what I assume is where she will pick up her last paycheck.

Holly and Andy are reunited with their children. Andy can’t thank Hoyt enough. Jessica also thanks him and then has to reintroduce herself since Hoyt of course does not remember who she is. Bridget runs off to find Jason and ask if Jessica is his lady. Jason looking confused admits to Bridget he really isn’t sure exactly what he and Jessica are.

Eric makes a house call to Bill’s and tells Sookie he is his old self. Sookie wants the cure for Bill. Eric tells her it isn’t quite ready yet but he will be back the following night. After Eric leaves Sookie decides she needs a jog.

Sookie being inpatient or stupid depending on how you look at it shows up on the doorstep of Fangtasia the next morning. Sookie almost gets her ass shot by some antsy ass yakuza. Luckily for her Eric still has the patience required for dear Sookie and reassures Mr. Yakonoma that Sookie is nothing more than a fang banger and that he will glamour her. Which of course we know is bs because Sookie is unglamourable. Is that even a word? Whatevs.

At breakfast with Jason Hoyt tells him there is just something about Jessica.

Then just when you think Sookie can’t get any fucking dumber she decides she will turn around in her get away truck and head back to Fangtasia because she decided to take a dip in Mr. Yakonoma’s thoughts and found out he is holding his “precious” in Fangtasia’s dungeon.

Hoyt shows up at Bill’s with a bag of Hep-V blood as a excuse to see Jessica.

Sookie finds Sarah and even though she finds out she is the fixer upper she leaves her down there.

Sookie shows up again in Fangtasia’s dungeon but this time she has Bill with her. Eric and Pam have the same idea and they all run into each other. Eric is hurt that Sookie didn’t take him at his word. After a scolding full of love from Eric to Sookie he tells Bill to take a bite out of Sarah. Bill leans in then stops and says NO. He doesn’t want Sarah’s blood.


If you are like me and cannot wait until next week our sister site Celeb Dirty Laundry has already spoiled the episode, right here!

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  1. ToniPayneOnline.Com says

    uggh the veins on him.. gonna try to catch an episode soon

  2. ToniPayneOnline.Com says

    uggh the veins on him.. gonna try to catch an episode soon

  3. Twana Tells says

    I can’t wait to catch up on Tru Blood

  4. Twana Tells says

    I can’t wait to catch up on Tru Blood

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