Jennifer Lawrence Dating Chris Martin – Report

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Jennifer Lawrence Dating Chris Martin - Report

Think of the two people in Hollywood least likely to hook up, and then imagine them hooking up. You just stumbled upon the biggest piece of WTF-ery that the industry has granted us, in the form of Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin dating. That’s right, America’s Sweetheart Jennifer Lawrence and Gwyneth Paltrow‘s rock star ex-husband are dating. In other words, Katniss and Coldplay are doing it.

How did this happen? Honestly, we’re in as much as shock as most of the people who heard this news. While we don’t know the details, Jennifer and her longtime boyfriend, Nicholas Hoult, broke up last month. And of course, we all know about Chris and his conscious uncoupling from Gwyneth, right? And amid all that, Chris and Jennifer apparently had time to meet at a Coldplay concert and create sexy times together.

In all reality, they probably got close while making Catching Fire, since Jennifer was the lead of the film and Chris wrote ‘Atlas’ for the movie. They were probably at a lot of the events together, and they spent a lot of time together. There was probably some flirtation, but nobody acted on anything… until now.

Seriously though, she could do better, right? She’s a freaking 3-time Oscar winner, for goodness sake. Even Gwyneth doesn’t hold that honor, and besides, Jennifer’s career is on more fire than Gwyneth’s ever was. Even then, Nicholas Hoult >> Chris Martin, no? Or does a rockstar boyfriend seem more appealing than dating another actor? It must have for Jennifer, since she and Chris have apparently been seeing each other since June.


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