The Young and the Restless Recap and Weekly Review Aug 11 – Aug 15th

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The Young and the Restless Recap and Weekly Review Aug 11 – June 15th

The Young and the Restless weekly review and recap – week of Aug 11th – Aug 15th, 2014.

Monday– Summer returns home and finds Austin setting up a Christmas tree. Austin tells her Merry Christmas. Austin hands her a present that he sold his camera to get for her. It’s a ring. Summer begins tom cry. Summer then gives Austin her present, a lens for the camera he sold. They share a laugh and then kiss under the mistletoe.

Jack is getting ready for his trip to Georgia to see Phyllis. Kelly is worried that he will want to be with Phyllis again. Jack tells her not to worry.

Ian tells Mariah not to screw things up.

Cane informs Lilly they have made a lot of money. They have a mini celebration and discuss getting a suite.Nick is trying to get the number for Mariah’s mom. Sharon shows up and they talk about how she needs a new therapist. Mariah shows up later and tries to fool Nick into believing she has sen Ian for who he really is while vowing to herself she will make Nick care about her.

Hilary gets Neal’s voicemail and hangs up. Hilary tells Devon she can’t leave him a message telling him their marriage was a mistake. Hilary calls back and leaves a message saying she wants to meet him at hime. Devon tells her it will be alright. Hilary tells Devon he has to tell Lily. Devon says he isn’t looking forward to it but knows Neil is going to need her.

Victor makes a call from his room in Georgia to check on Phyllis. Victor tells someone he is going to make sure Phyllis is one of the lucky ones.

Devon arrives to talk to Lily. She thinks it’s about how much money the club has made. Lilly soon realizes it isn’t.

Hilary tells cane she needs to find Neil.

Kelly leaves Jack a I Love You message.

Neil meanwhile has been shocked by the fuse panel in the house and is unconscious. Cane and Hilary show up. Hilary takes care of Neil while cane makes a phone call.

Jack gets to Phyllis’s room takes her hand and tells her it’s good to see you Red.

Lily gets the call about Neil. Devon ask her what happened.

Tuesday– Christine is trying to find any and every way to throw Nikki out of her and Paul’s honeymoon cabin. Nikki gets a but of a dizzy spell and so Christine decides she needs to call someone.

Victor ask about Phyllis being out in the drug trial. Victor tells them he will get the family’s permission.

Jack is telling Phyllis he came to tell her goodbye. He ask the doctor about her chances. The doctor tells him everything has failed. Jack walks back in and tells her he will take care of Summer, Jack goes in to tell her he met someone else but that she will always be in his heart. On his way out her arm twitches.

Chelsea begins to cry while telling Kevin how much Connor looks like his dad. Adam is watching. Kevin ask her if Billy will be celebrating Connors birthday with her. Chelsea does the classic annoyed eye roll. Adam tries to go to the park. Someone warns him it’s too soon.

Victoria is at the hospital for a ultrasound. She runs into stitch who is there to meet with the board. She wishes him luck. During her ultrasound Abby decides Victoria is having a girl.

Dylan is upset about Billy. Avery thinks he needs therapy. Stitch comes in and says he no longer has a residency program. Avery offers to help him if he will help her with info on PTSD. Stitch agrees to the deal and says Dylan needs therapy.

Billy says something rude about Adam. Chelsea tells him to zip it she doesn’t want to argue about him on Connors birthday. Billy gets called DA DA by the kid and everyone feels and looks awkward. The clown has seemingly disappeared (no doubt it was Adam).

Dylan gets Nikki from the cabin. She has a flare up of her MS. Paul makes it clear to his wife he will never turn his back on Nikki.

Nikki admits she has been stressed. Dylan assures her the journal is safe.

Meanwhile Adam the clown plays Connor calling Billy DA DA over and over and over and over and…… You get the idea.

Back at Chelsea’s they find a soccer ball for Connor. Billy tells her if it’s from Victor he will want something in return.

Wednesday-Hilary is at the hospital about to bust a gut over Neil. Cane is there when Devon and Lily arrive. Lily wants to know what he was doing in a old house. The doc tells them they can’t for sure say Neil will be ok but his heart is fine. When Neil wakes up he ask for Hilary. She goes in and finds out Neil is blind.

Kevin receives divorce papers from Chloe and vows he will fight it.

Jill finds a letter that Katherine left to be read exactly one year after her death. The letter tells Jill to wear her necklace and to throw a party celebrating her being gone a year. She even left instructions. Colin gets taken by Kurtz.

Colin was taken to the park by Kurtz. Colin offers to steal some gems to pay his debt. Kurtz tells him it will be Jill that does the paying off.

Noah convinces Courtney that Harding is to her so she approaches him which only makes things worse. Noah offers to make it up to Courtney with the help of massage oils.

Thursday– everyone is gathered in Neil’s room and he is in a panic because he can’t see. The doctor chases everyone out so he can examine Neil. Hilary makes it clear to Devon Neil is her number one priority.

Sharon buys Mariah some clothes believing that it will help her become a young lady. When Sharon leaves Nick makes a call to someone about Mariah.

Paul and Christine can’t catch a break. A reported knocks on the cabin door and want to know if Paul is in the know about Nikki’s journal.

Nikki goes to see Victor. When he leaves the room and comes back he finds her holding his scotch. She covers by saying he needs to use a coaster. Victor takes her home.

Sharon is visiting with Cassie at her grave. She tells her she is grateful for the time she he with her. She goes on to tell Cassie that Mariah reminds her of Cassie and that she will bring her next time she comes to visit.

Nick sends Mariah home from work early. Later her mother appears.

Mariah and Sharon share some ice cream. They talk about their day. Sharon says they are like a family. Mariah stays silent.

Friday– Jack finds Kelly at the club. She tells him all about Neil. Jack tells her he said goodbye to Phyllis and can now move on.

Paul wants to know how Dylan feels about the whole father son thing. Dylan tells Paul he isn’t ready for it yet. Paul tell him he will hold onto the hope he will be ready someday.

Sharon has to bring Faith home because she was telling everyone she is a love child. Faith tells her if she would marry Nick she wouldn’t have to tell people that. Mariah ask Sharon about marrying Nick. Sharon tells her she was the one putting it off. Mariah leaves.

Nick gets Helen to admit she never wanted Mariah and that she was all Ian’s idea.

In Georgia a nurse is talking to Phyllis about Jack and Summer. Phyllis vital signs go up.

Next up Summer and Austin are celebrating Valentines Day. Jack calls and tells her there is no change in Phyllis condition. Summer ask him not to come over. She gives Austin the gift of a planner with special days marked, they hit the sheets and afterwards they say I Love You.

Helen meets Ian in the park. Nick is listening from his hiding spot. Nick hears Helen tell Ian that Nick has no idea who Mariah really is.

Mariah is looking for Nick and imagines him kissing her.


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