True Blood Season 7 Episode 9 “Love Is to Die” Review

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Here’s what happened on True Blood Season 7 episode 9 “Love Is to Die”

Sookie is busy trying to convince Bill he doesn’t need to die and that Sarah is his fate not the True death. Sookie pulls the pity me card and tells him that her and Jessica will have to live with whatever he decides. Bill is insistent that True death is what is right for him. Jessica tells him to Fuck off. Sookie then proceeds to slap him and demands to know why. Bill simply says that he can’t. Sookie decides he needs another slap and goes for a third for good measure. Eric grabs her before she can deliver it. Eric tells her she needs to leave. Eric warns Sookie to zip it and lock it when it comes to her knowing about Sarah.

Jessica demands that Bill release her. Bill does so but not before telling her how proud he is of the vampire she is and how glad he is to know she will be able to stand on her own two feet when he is gone. Bill leaves while Pam comforts a sobbing Jessica and Eric does the same for a crying Sookie.

Sookie and Jessica pay a visit to a very empty house of Sam. They find two letters. One is addressed to Sookie. The letter is a explanation. Sam tells her Nicole wanted to leave and he went with her because he loves her and wants to be a part of his child’s life. He ends it by telling Sookie he wants her to know he loves her. I knew this show could get rid of a main character without killing them.

Next up Jessica and Sookie head to Andy’s while Sookie presents him with his letter from Sam. It’s simple and to the point it’s his letter of resignation.

James manages to get a few minutes of Jessica’s attention and for whatever reason he feels he owes her a apology. Jessica decides she also owes him a apology for not really knowing him and for not taking the time to try. Jessica sk if he is happy with Lafayette. James tells her they will be. Jessica ask him to make sure Sookie gets home safe.

Over at Hoyt’s his girlfriend is turning green with envy not to mention jealousy over the fair Jessica, Hoyt explains it is Bill he knows not Jessica. Bridgette retracts her earlier statement and quickly apologizes. It’s at this exact moment that Jessica knocks on the door. Jessica gets right to the point and tells Hoyt they used to be together and they were ever so happy. Jessica explains that she messed up but doesn’t elaborate as to how. Bridgette gets the green eyed monster again and tells Hoyt to get out because she doesn’t want to hear it. Hoyt is more than happy to oblige and goes after Jessica. Bridgette cries.

Jessica changes the subject and tells Hoyt that Bill decided he would rather die than drink from Sarah Newlin. Jessica tells Hoyt she thought he would understand because he was the first man she ever loved. Jessica apologizes for the second time in one night and tells Hoyt she didn’t mean to ruin his relationship. Jesica finally admits she is selfish. It took till the penultimate episode of the final season but whatevs. Hoyt wants to know the whole story.

Bridgette calls Jason it explains her situation or lack there of and just like that super Jason is on his way.

Everyone is getting ready to eat at Andy’s. Well everyone except Sookie that is she is to busy moping. Arlene decides to brighten up Sookie by discussing her great love affair with vampire Keith. Arlene insist they are taking things slowly. Sookie tells Arlene that Bill is dying….fast. Sookie wants to know how Arlene manages to go on. Arlene tells her it really helps when you see your dead husband minutes before you might join him. Arlene insist Sookie come and have some dinner.

Eric hit foots over to Bill’s to point out what a selfish bastard he is to hurt their mutually loves Sookie. Bill says he wants Sookie to move in and she won’t if he is still alive. Eric wisely suggest he shut the fuck up and get over it and himself. Bill tells Eric he had a dream that Sookie had their child only hence Bill went to see the baby it was death. Bill believes that means that all Sookie see him as is death. Bill needs to set her free. Bill ask Eric to ask Sookie if she will talk to him later that night. Bill tells him it will be the last favor he will ever ask him for. Eric says he will see what he can do.

Hoyt decides to take is down memory lane and punches the shit out of Jason when he shows up. Jason finally comes to in the back of his own squad car while Bridgette drives. Bridgette wants to talk him to the hospital. Jason convinces her to take him home instead. Jason makes it clear no way are they getting their freak on.

Bridgette’s on the phone trying to get a ticket back home without paying a fortune. When Jason finds out it will be over a grand he takes the phone and manages to flirt his way to a cheaper fare. He heads back to the room he was in and gives himself the don’t you dare go back in there with her speech.

Jessica is icing hours hand. Hoyt understands that Jessica was to young when they first got together and she agrees with that assessment. Hoyt suggest Jessica heal his hand.

Pam is highlighting Sarah’s hair. Pam removes her gag and ask Pam if they are selling her. Pam tells fuck yeah and if Sarah plays her cards right she just maybe might be the highest paid Trollope in history. Pam would know all about that wouldn’t she. Haha.

Bridgette is hungry and Jason tells her hopes beer counts as a meal because that’s all he has. Bridgette tells him beer is good. Bridgette tries to build Jason up but he is not going to fall for that and then he tells the story of Hoyt and Jessica to her. Jason makes sure she knows hour didn’t lie to her because Jessica glamoured him into forgetting him and her. Jason finishes his story with his belief that Jessica and Hoyt belong together.

Meanwhile Hoyt and Jessica are doing some major fooling around.
Bridgette wants Jason to join her in bed so she can teach him how not to have sex with someone.

Sookie is leaving Andy’s when Eric pops up and ask her to talk to Bill. Sookie ask Eric what Bill wants to tell her. Eric tells her that Bill will say he is doing this for her.

Bridgette and Jason are laying together in bed. Bridgette wants him to tell her one thing that no one else knows about him. Bridgette starts the game by saying that cheated in a exam one time. Jason tells her that he likes the color pink. Bridgette says he has to so better than that so Jason tells her he wants to be a father but is afraid if he had a girl she would end up with a man like him.

Eric takes Sookie home. She invites him in but he just tells her goodnight. Sookie answers heroine, it’s Bill and he wants to come over. Bill is taking a shortcut through the Compton graveyard to get there.

When Eric gets back to Fangtasia he finds a very pissed off Ginger who is upset he didn’t tell her he was cured. Eric makes it up to her by fucking her on his throne. Within seconds Ginger is screaming. Eric gets up ask her if she is ok and then walks away.

Eric starts looking for Pam and becomes alarmed when he can’t find her. He finds her in the basement tied up and she has silver wrapped around her throat. She also has a stake hanging up above her. Mr. Gus is pissed because he thinks Eric told Sookie about Sarah. He point blank ask Eric if Sookie knows. Eric refuses to answer until Pam almost bites it. Eric yells for them to stop. He ask Eric again if Sookie knows. Eric confirms that she does. He demands to know where Sookie lives.

Bill has just showed up at Sookie’s house and is watching her.


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  1. NicolaLoves says

    I’m hating how this season is going. Horrible way to end.

  2. NicolaLoves says

    I’m hating how this season is going. Horrible way to end.

  3. Kia Soto says

    thank you for the recap!!!!

  4. Kia Soto says

    thank you for the recap!!!!

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