Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 11 “No One Here Can Love or Understand Me” REVIEW

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“No One Here Can Love or Understand Me,” was another great episode of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. We have our weekly review for you below:

All the girls minus Ali are standing outside the Rosewood Police Department. They weigh the pros and cons but before they all can fully agree to the plan Emily notices the TV’s in the store behind them flashing a picture of Ali in her candy striper outfit. They all walk over to the window and A sends a message across the screen that says “We are all in this together”. Spencer picks up a rock to throw through the window but Emily stops her. The TV’s then show the girls standing outside the store. As they walk away one by one the TV’s go back to normal. Spencer sees the very last message on the tv on the bottom left corner “Act normal bitches.” Spencer puts down the rock and walks away.Emily and Spencer are at the Brew which just happens to be for sale. Emily gets her and Spencer some decaf coffee with whip cream on top. Alison calls Spencer and she ignores her. They talk about their predicament with Alison and then Spencer turns the topic to Emily and Paige. Alison sends Emily a message telling her that her dad is taking her out of town due to the fact her “kidnapper is on the loose. Spencer ask Emily if she can fix her Paige dilemma. Emily doesn’t think it will be that easy.

Hannah goes to Caleb’s cabin and finds him asleep in a chair. She leans over and kisses and he jumps awake and tells her she scared him. She sees the bottle of vodka in the floor and she ask him what he is doing. Caleb explains that it helps him sleep. Hannah ask him what’s going on with him. Caleb changes the topic and ask her what happened t the police station. Hannah tells them that they couldn’t go through with it because A has pictures of Ali from when Hannah was in the hospital which would cast doubt on their we have no idea where Ali was story.

Emily knocks on Ezra’s door and ask if she can talk to him.

Aria comes home and finds MonA with Mike. Mona offers her some hot chocolate and Aria declines and heads off to her room.

Emily has a EzrA a bit confused. EzrA wants to know how Ali could identify her kidnapper of she never met him. Emily explains that Alison knew him from when she was on the run. She tells EzrA Cyrus’s full name. Emily ask EzrA if he ever heard that name when he was doing his ummmm ..,,.research. EzrA tells her no he never did Alison’s time away is a complete blank. EzrA figures out that the guy was stupid enough to take the fall because somebody has something on him. Emily gives him a picture of Alison standing at a ATM with someone. EzrA has never seen that picture. EzrA tells her he will see what he can find out for her. Because just like these girls he is addicted to a great mystery. Emily thanks him. EzrA thanks her for trusting him. Emily corrects him she knows he can help her. EzrA then thanks her for being honest.
Aria’s dad swings by her room to make sure she is okay. He then tells her that Mike took MonA home. Aria points out what a bad idea those two are. Her dad believes in the just watch and wait theory. Aria agrees to it somewhat. Her dad reminds her that her mom will be back the next tonight and it’s family night.

At school the next day Aria is complaining about MonA being all lovey dovey with Mike. Emily points out If she makes a fuss she won’t be able to separate them with a crowbar. Spencer applauds the graphicness of that statement. Hannah has a bad thought which pretty much entails Alison being A. Which at this point is a possibility. Hell anybody is a possibility. Melissa, Alison, Jenna, who ever. Tell you who it won’t be ….who ever does next week.

Hannah wants Spencer’s help. She ask for her sober coaches number. Spencer thinks a total stranger will do Caleb no good and make the situation worse and says she knows someone else who is a far better idea. Toby?

Emily is talking to Paige about keeping a eye on Sydney. Paige ask her how it feels to be in the locker room. Emily says it feels good. Emily tells Paige they need to talk. Paige agrees she says she has a thing that night but they make plans to get together soon.

I was right. Spencer calls Toby and ask him to come over to her house later so she can talk to him about something. Hannah is there looking anxious. When Spencer closes her door they find a envelope with a note in it. It’s from Melissa. “I have to write this quickly. Dad is taking me to the airport. I’m sorry you will know everything soon. I promise.” Hannah ask why Spencer why her dad would make Melissa leave. Spencer doesn’t know.

Hannah gives Aria and Emily a heads up about the letter from Melissa. Emily wants to know what it means. Aria says it means what it always means nobody ever tells you anything until they are good and ready. Hannah adds and then they just make you crazy to know more. Emily ask if any of them have talked to Alison. Aria says she calls but she chooses not to pick up. Hannah says she had another bad thought. Emily ask her what it is this time. Hannah points out Alison left town even though A said she couldn’t so what made that possible. They wonder if she made a deal with A to leave town. Before they can run that thought by themselves a little slower and more logically Tanner shows up and expresses how lucky she is to have most of them in the same place at the same time. She wants to talk to them….her treat.

Spencer and Toby are kissing on her couch. Soon enough she brings up the fact Melissa is gone. Talk then turns to Caleb and the fact that he looks haunted. Toby tells Spencer he has noticed that look on Caleb’s face to and he has had it since he came back from Ravenswood.

Tanner is sitting with Emily, Hannah, and Aria. She reassures them that they will catch Cyrus and she is sorry he was releases prematurely. She tells them to be cautious and gets up to leave. But this is Tanner so she comes back and says she was wondering who they thought killed Bethany Young. The girls tell her they don’t really ever think about it. That they didn’t know her. Tanner knows that because she has checked for a connection. The only one she found is that she was killed thirty yards away from where they were sleeping. She tells them to have a good day and leaves. Aria says she is going to be sick. Emily suggest she wait till Tanner is long gone .

Hannah calls Spencer and gives her the details of the close in counter of the Tanner kind and his she thinks they are to blame for Bethany. Hannah is sure once she starts connecting the dots they are all screwed. Spencer is trying to calm her down when there is a knock at the door. It’s a delivery guy. She has Toby answer it. She hangs up with Hannah. It’s a package from Melissa. Toby ask her if she wants some privacy.

The video actually gives us a few answers and a true definition of sisterly love. Melissa tells Spencer that she saw her the night Alison disappeared carrying a shovel. Melissa assumes the worst especially when she found who she thought was Alison but was really Bethany in the open grave. In Melissa’s defense she was dressed like Alison. So if I have this correct two girls got buried alive dressed in the same clothes on the same night. What are the odds? Melissa goes on to say she didn’t realize till later that she buried a file alive and she is the reason she is dead. She ends with goodbye Spencer and I love you. I watched it twice looking for the clue from A like maybe something in the background or maybe a movement behind her. I didn’t see one. Which I admit was kind of strange. A usually is around for the OMG moments on this show.

Emily sees a very dressed up Paige at the a Brew and when she ask her where she is going Paige takes the I’m going to be late route and takes off. Why would Paige take the chance of seeing Emily at the Brew?

Aria gets to the theatre and is slightly upset. Ella cancelled and MonA is in her place. While fuming about this development Aria notices Paige arrive with another girl.

Caleb is having a how you doing talk with Toby. Toby tries his best to get through to Caleb but accidentally pisses him off when he suggest he knows what Ravenswood is like. Caleb tells him he has no clue whet that place is like and stomps out.

Meanwhile Aria who just can let shit go for anyone else’s good let alone her own whispers something to MonA that sends her running off in tears. Aria probably told her she wishes she was the girl in the movie they are watching getting murdered. The movie is Strangers on a Train one of the best Hitchcock movies in my honest opinion and it’s living up to the Hitchcock throw ins we have gotten used to on this show.

Toby ask Spencer if this whole thing has anything to do with the package Melissa sent her. Spencer says no…..yes…maybe. Toby ask her what it was. Spencer tells him she thinks it was the truth only know that she hasn’t she doesn’t know what to do with it.

Emily heads back over to the teacher of the year Ezra’s and he shows her a picture of Alison with Cyrus right after she got back. That’s why the sticker was important on the back of his vehicle last week because if you remember it’s the same sticker that was on the one that Aria and Ezra saw Alison poking her head in a few weeks back. Did you miss it? No worries I totally didn’t put it together till this very second. EzrA did a background check on Cyrus and found out he has enough priors and aliases to fill a book. Ezra’s should have done one on the name Vivian dark bloom as well….you know for giggles.

Mike is getting super anxious waiting for MonA to come back. So Aria finally says she will get up to go see about her. MonA is in the bathroom trying to pull herself together unsuccessfully. Aria and her start talking and MonA openly admits that Aria and her family have every right to hate her and that she is not good enough for Mike. MonA goes onto hint that she knows stuff like about what really happened in New York which moves her up right behind Melissa on my who might get whacked next week list. She warns Aria that once Alison gets done with her she will just move in to Aria and the other girls. Mona tells Aria she has a question for her. Aria looks like she mint pass out. MonA ask her if she thinks Mike really likes her. Aria lets go of the air she has been holding because that is a question she can answer.

Meanwhile Spencer is at home watching Melissa’s taped video confession over and over and over. No doubt subconsciously looking for clues. Spencer breaks down for a minute when the gravity if what Melissa did for her finally kicks in and she begins to cry as she talks to the image of her sister.

Aria is talking to her dad about Mike and Mona and has finally decided it will all be okay. There is a knock at the door and Aria ask who it is. Her dad tells her it’s Tanner who left a voicemail saying she wants to chit chat.

Hannah goes to see Caleb and point blank tells him this is one time he can’t help himself and she wants to know what’s going on no if ands or buts.

Arias dad ask Tanner what she wants to ask him. Tanner says she just wants to talk. Arias dad thinks she needs to find the kidnapper. Tanner ask what he thinks about thinks about him admitting to committing a crime and then just disappearing. Arias dad says he has no idea what to think. Tanner says their town ranks surprisingly low on curiosity. Arias dad points out that they expect the cops to do that job. Tanner tells him that homicide cases are usually not complicated and if they are it’s because someone is making it that way…someone very smart. Tanner tells him that there are so many smart people involved in this case that it’s making her job very interesting. Tanner tells him the police are interested in Aria and that even is she isn’t involved in the homicide she is definitely involved in the complications. Tanner tells him she is just trying to get one of the girls to talk to her. Which brings her to the reason she is there one of the girls has come forward and she will be talking with her tomorrow. Arias dad ask which girl. Tanner tells him to have a good night and leaves. Aria heard every single word from her hiding spot.

Aria, Emily and Spencer are having a panic attack well Spencer is. Aria tells them she knows it’s not them going to the cops. They figure out its Alison. Emily shows them the picture EzrA dug up of Alison with Cyrus. Spencer who can’t take it anymore tells them she has something to show them and can’t wait for Hannah to show up. Spencer gets her lap top.

Over at Caleb’s he has told Hannah everything about Ravenswood including the ending we didn’t get to see. It involves opening all the jars and fireflies appearing a then disappearing above the trees. Caleb has Ouija board laying out and the only thing I’ll say about that is when Hannah takes the planchette from him and lays it down it points itself to the words good bye on the board. Ominous right? I think maybe it’s just Miranda saying one final good bye.

Emily and Aria are shocked by Melissa’s confession. Aria points out that Melissa killed Bethany Young. Spencer says at the time Melissa didn’t know that and she thought it was Spencer that did it. Emily points out Bethany was wearing Alison’s clothes. Spencer stops her mid thought it was another set of Alison’s clothes. Aria ask if Spencer is saying it was always someone’s plan for Bethany to take Alison’s place. Spencer challenges her to come up with another reason why Bethany would be in that top. Emily calls Alison A by mistake and they both call her on it. Emily says it was just a slip of the tongue. Aria wants to know what Spencer is going to do with Melissa’s confession. Spencer doesn’t answer.

Hannah is looking out the door at Caleb’s cabin. There are lots of fireflies around. Hannah gets on her phone. We see the view from outside the cabin and someone is watching her and a sleeping Caleb. Is it A more than likely. But I prefer to think its Miranda keeping them safe.

No A Tag this week…. probably because they are out committing the murder that sets up next weeks finale.


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