Beyonce And Kim Kardashian Avoiding Each Other At VMA Awards – Report

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Beyonce Performing Live In Barcelona

Beyonce and Kim Kardashian have never been the best of friends, but their feud has been taken to another level lately. Well, I should say Kim’s feud against Beyonce because Beyonce barely registers that Kim exists.

According to reports, Beyonce requested that she be seated away from Kim for this Sunday’s VMA Awards, while Kim will reportedly be sitting near the stairwell. Sources [according to Hollywood Life] have even said that there’s a chance of an awkward run-in, since Kim is seething about the seating arrangements. She’s been put off to the side while Beyonce is front and center, but she’s seriously delusional if she thinks that she was ever going to be given precedence over Beyonce. For one, Beyonce’s going to be honored at this year’s VMAs. For another, it’s Beyonce!

Right now, all eyes are on Beyonce as she faces a divorce from Jay-Z, while still remaining one of the most successful female musicians to ever exist. Nobody cares about Kim and her Kardashian reality show, and if they, they sure as heck don’t care about it more than they care about Beyonce. The VMAs have always been focused on celebrity tiers, and to them, Beyonce will always rank higher than Kim. So if Beyonce requested a certain seating arrangement, that’s what will be honored. Forget the fact that Beyonce and Kim sat together at the BET Awards last year – that was ages ago, and much before Kim went and blabbed about Beyonce’s divorce in an interview with Andy Cohen.


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