Tina Knowles Claims Beyonce And Jay-Z Are Fine, ‘Everything Is Perfect’

Tina Knowles Claims Beyonce And Jay-Z Are Fine, 'Everything Is Perfect'

Tina Knowles claims that Beyonce and Jay-Z are just fine, even though all the evidence says otherwise. Forget the fact that People, US Weekly, Page Six, NY Post, and every other tabloid under the sun claims that Beyonce and Jay-Z are weeks away from a divorce – according to Tina Knowles, ‘everything is perfect’.

Tina was accosted by a TMZ cameraman the other day while having lunch in Beverly Hills, and when asked about Beyonce’s impending divorce, she replied, “Well you know haters are gonna be haters, and there is nothing we can do about that. Everything is perfect. I just don’t even read the bull.”

Yeah, you may not read it, but you can sure as hell bet that most people in the industry do. Beyonce’s divorce from Jay-Z has become common knowledge, just as it’s become common knowledge that she’s already found herself an apartment to move into after the divorce. We also know – thanks to the most recent reports – that Beyonce is leaning on Gwyneth Paltrow to help her through this difficult time. Gwyneth, of course, has plenty of experience with conscious uncouplings, thanks to her own divorce from Chris Martin.

However, it is erring on the delusional for mama Knowles to assume that ‘everything is perfect’. Either she’s been left completely out of the loop, or she’s just point-blank lying to the paparazzi. There’s a pretty equal chance of both options being true, but I’m thinking that she’s just lying. She was pretty evasive when she gave the answer, and she refused to elaborate much on the situation itself.

Image credit: CWNY/FameFlynet Pictures

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