Beyonce Kisses Blue Ivy And Jay-Z At VMA Awards – Trying To Save Marriage?

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Beyonce is the queen of stunting, and she proved that last night at the 2014 VMA Awards. When Beyonce won the Video Vanguard award, one of the more ‘prestigious’ awards of the night, she went on stage to accept the award – and then kissed her husband, Jay-Z, in full view of the millions of viewers tuning into the show.

Not only that, but she made sure that Jay-Z even brought Blue Ivy on stage, despite their insistence on keeping Blue Ivy away from the cameras in the past. In other words, Beyonce went all-out in order to fight the divorce rumors. Clearly, someone close to their camp keeps leaking her secrets to all the tabloids, but if she’s working this hard to fight them, then maybe she herself isn’t as keen on the breakup?

Either that, or she and Jay-Z have changed their minds. Perhaps they realized that they don’t want to break up their family over silly contrivances, and have decided that they’ll fight through their problems instead of letting the media dictate their breakup. After all, it is Beyonce and Jay-Z – with all their wealth and all their power, you’d think that they would figure out a way to stick together, if only for the financial rewards.

However, it’s equally possible that they were both trying to drum up some publicity. After all, Beyonce is an expert at manipulating the media, and she knows exactly how to do it. She knew all eyes would be on her at the awards, and she took full advantage of that to send a message – she and Jay-Z haven’t divorced yet, and as of right now, they’re still presenting the image of a united family to the public. But will that last? Only time will tell.

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