New ‘Gone Girl’ Trailer: Did Ben Affleck Kill His Wife?

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Fox is doing a terrific job of rolling out the promotional campaign for David Fincher‘s Gone Girl, which probably isn’t too difficult considering the source material. Written by Gillian Flynn and adapted from a book by Gillian Flynn, the movie’s bound to stick close to its source material, while still retaining that Fincher edge.

The second trailer for the film has just been released, and it carries all the hallmarks of a Fincher movie – cool music, great shots, and an overriding sense of moral ambiguity. Did Ben Affleck’s character kill his wife? That’s the main theme of the trailer, which also includes the media circus surrounding Ben as he attempts to find out why his wife disappeared.

They did a great job casting for the movie, since Ben conveys the perfect amount of sketchiness and apathetic-ness to play Nick. And his wife, Amy? Well, Rosamund Pike is still an enigma to most audiences, which is exactly what Fincher envisioned. He needed the audience to buy into her disappearance without any preconceived notions, and to follow the character through all the twists and turns in the movie. And with Rosamund, we don’t question her because we don’t know her.

Anyway, this trailer continued to build up on the tones and themes of the last trailer, which all focus on the question: did Nick kill his wife? If you want to find out, you’ll have to read the book or watch the movie, which is coming out in October. It’s also likely to be a major player during awards season, at least if the buzz matches up to the movie.

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