Tea Leoni’s Fling With Billy Bob Thornton Led To Divorce With David Duchovny

Tea Leoni's Fling With Billy Bob Thornton Led To Divorce With David Duchovny

David Duchovny‘s sex addiction and rampant cheating on Tea Leoni has been really well documented. The media went crazy back in 2008 when the rumors about him seemed to be confirmed by a stint in a sex addiction rehab facility. Back then everyone felt bad for Tea who was left alone with the couples’ two kids while David sought out some help. What wasn’t quite as public was the fact that she was hardly an angel herself!According to the Sept. 1st print edition of Globe Magazine, Tea actually hooked up with Billy Bob Thornton while working on a film together. While David was having meaningless sex with a slew of chicks Tea was following Bill Bob’s band across the country on a tour! Sources say that David discovered their affair when he found racy text messages in Tea’s phone. In the six years that have followed the couple reunited and split twice before David finally filed for divorce last June in New York state.

Sources say that Tea’s romance with Billy Bob did more damage to her marriage to almost anything else. Emotional connections and real feelings for another man was something that David simply couldn’t get beyond. Do you guys remember when these two first hooked up? Both david and Tea had red-hot television careers and they were thought to be a pretty powerful celebrity couple back then. I’m sure when their careers took different paths it must have done a real number on them too, don’t you think? If Tea still had the same opportunities for work that she once had then she wouldn’t have had the time to hopscotch the country with another man, right? Are you surprised that it took them 6 years to actually divorce? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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