Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Finale “Taking This One To The Grave” REVIEW

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Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Finale "Taking This One To The Grave" REVIEW

“Taking This One To The Grave,” was another great episode of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. We have our weekly review for you below:

Aria, Emily, Hannah, and EzrA are standing outside a house. Hannah is holding back her urge to breakdown. The other three are in shock. Crime scene tape is being put up and cops are everywhere. Aria whispers to EzrA about all the blood they saw and that no one could love through that. Hannah overhears and the tears start flowing. All three of their phones go off in quick succession. It’s a text from A of course. It reads “It’s all your fault.” Hannah loses it and Emily holds her.

Skip to 36 hours prior. Alison is getting hooked up for her lie detector test. The guy administering it explains how it works. The machine knows if your lying based on which part of your brain responds when she answers a question. Sounds simple enough. Holbrook and some other cops are watching through a three way mirror. One of the cops suggest they wait for Tanner. Holbrook gives them a somewhat blank look and turns back to watch the show. First question is she sitting down. Alison says yes. What color is your shirt? white with pink flowers. What is your full name? Alison Lauren DiLaurentis……

Next we get a little tour of Mona’s room. It’s full of dolls (naturally) she is listening to Opera music while reading a book in French. Her mom comes up to her room and tells her someone is there to se her. MonA ask who and her mother tells her to come and see. When she gets downstairs she sees our four girls. Soon as her mom is out of earshot MonA ask them who died (you I’m guessing) and what they want. It’s simple really… they want her help in nailing Alison to the wall. MonA ask them what Alison has done to them and they tell her nothing yet. MonA ask why they can’t to her Aria responds because your MonA. MonA even though pleased by the answer refuses to help them she is worried about what Alison would do if she found out MonA helped them. They question of she is afraid of Alison. MonA replies with a “Aren’t you?” Her mom comes in with cookies and ask Hannah if chocolate chip is still her favorite. Emily tells her they need to go. So MonA’s mom says she will pack them to go. Before they head MonA apologizes for taking out all her Alison Anger on them. Hannah waits for the cookies. MonA heads back upstairs. MonA’s mom ask Hannah what Alison is like now that she is back. Hannah tells her she wouldn’t know she is no longer friends with Alison. Hannah does however tell MonA’s mom she thinks MonA is afraid of Alison as are the rest of them. Hannah leaves.

Meanwhile MonA is upstairs on her phone she calls someone. Lucas is my guess. She tells him to send out a Code A. That she is plotting something big.

Mona shows up at the Brew and is let in by another kid. She looks surprised and ask where everyone is. Lucas comes out of the back and informs her that no one else is coming. They think Alison is a Saint and MonA is well crazy MonA again. MonA looks hurt like to the point of tears hurt. She looks at her reflection in a mirror and ask Lucas if he thinks it’s possible to be crazy and not know it. Lucas automatically assumes she is talking about herself and tries to soother her. Mona sets him straight and says she is talking about Alison she thinks she has gone full on Socio.

MonA meets with the girls the next morning in the girls bathroom because that’s clearly the go to place for a private meeting in this school. MonA tells the girls Alison offered to take the polygraph. Emily still slightly in denial says how do you know that. All three girls reply because she is MonA. Mona explains she did some …lets call it research after the girls left her house last night. Spencer doesn’t think Alison is dumb enough to our herself at risk by lying. MonA points one more time for old times sake it isn’t a lie if you believe it. Or you know she could be playing a game. Aria thinks MonA has flipped and questions the idea that Alison would take a lie detector test for fun. MonA doesn’t think Alison isn’t having fun because her dolls don’t wont let her and this is how she chooses to end the game. Hannah ask what game. Mona says the game she stole from me. Aria just to get the picture ask MonA if she thinks Alison is A. Mona shakes her head yes. Hanna points out she isn’t the only one having bad thoughts. Mona says she assembled the perfect group smart (Spencer), loyal (Emily), admiring (Hannah), and compassionate (Aria). Aria ask the perfect group for what. Spencer says for sociopaths to manipulate. MonA tells them Alison would have gotten bored with them separately but together. Spencer says we are her challenge. Aria says she never knew why Alison picked them. MonA tells her when you don’t feel something it must be fun to mess with someone who feels a whole lot. Alison picked Aria because she can feel and Alison can’t. Emily ask if they are really saying Alison is A out loud. The collective silence speaks volumes. Emily says she never left her. Aria says she never left any of them. Spencer says if MonA is right the Alison went to the cops so she will look innocent while they all look guilty. Aria wants to know guilty of what. MonA says everything. MonA tells them she can find out what Alison told the cops that way they will have a fighting chance in getting their stories straight. Hannah ask why she is helping them. MonA tells them she got early acceptance letters from three colleges and she still has to survive senior year ( so less than 36 hours then) and she can’t do it alone. Emily tells her this isn’t going to make them besties. Mona tells her she doesn’t exactly want to skip down the hallway holding her hand either. Mona tells them no one can know she is helping them and that includes their bed buddies. MonA tells them to act normal. The twins who look like they are straight out of the Shining walk in and MonA tells them happy almost turkey day. When they all leave the girls come out of the stalls and give each other knowing looks.

Emily is at her locker and a book falls out. Paige picks it up. Paige ask if she is ready for Thanksgiving. Emily tells her nope she hasn’t even started decorating for Christmas yet. Paige offers to come over and help after school. Emily takes her up on the offer. Emily says they never had that talk. Paige tells her she is tired of talking and kisses her.

MonA runs into her mom who just left the principals office. She tells MonA she was dropping stuff off for the food drive and she will see her later. MonA next sees Alison standing in the hallway with four girls who you sense she is going to mood into her new dolls. MonA looks freaked out. Alison gets called to the principals office and she and MonA pass in the hall. Alison smiles at her in a knowingly strange way.

Aria is at EzrA’s helping him make pumpkin pies from scratch. Aria tells him the knock off store bought version would have been okay. EzrA is having none of that he was invites Ella to their house for Thanksgiving and she out him in charge of pies and so therefore they shall be made from scratch.

Toby shows up all cute in his police uniform. Toby and her have a really cutsie moment and they kiss. Toby reminds her his graduation ceremony starts at eight and she promise she will be there. Spencer gives him a pocket watch as a gift and on the inside of the top it says “You are my once upon a time. -S.” Toby loves it and they have a long sweet hug.

Lucas goes to the police station and fakes like he wants to apply for the high school liaison program. When the cop gets up to get his application Lucas sneaks around to the desk and sticks a hacking device into his hard drive. Lucas then text MonA the word go.

MonA is in the girls bathroom and gets on her laptop and starts hacking way. Her first password try doesn’t work but the next attempt does. She is in and the files start downloading.

Emily is full on tilt Christmas decoration mode even though it’s not Thanksgiving yet. Paige is helping her. So are Hannah and Caleb. Emily offers Hannah some egg nog and she refuses. Emily tells her if she can’t find Christmas in her heart she isn’t going to find it under her tree. Hannah takes the egg nog kind of gives the eye-roll and heads back over to Caleb. Emily is kind of barking orders to Paige but it’s in the sweet Emily way. Caleb and Hannah are trying to fix a string of lights. Emily tells them to try the red ones and sure enough the lights come back on. Caleb comments on all the decorations and Hannah him to read Emily’s chest (her shirt says this girl loves Christmas) that she loves Christmas. Hannah gets a call from MonA tells Caleb it’s her mom and excuses herself. Emily is looking for the baby Jesus. It is up on the roof with Paige crisis adverted. Emily takes it over to the Nativity scene and puts him in his manger. Hannah comes back and lies about who she was talking to. Emily almost blows it. When Emily walks away Caleb calls Hannah on her lie and ask her why she is lying to him.

All the girls plus MonA are at Spencer’s house. The are watching the video of Alison’s lie detector test. Which pretty much only implicates Spencer as a person of interest.

Holbrook goes to see Alison.

Caleb comes in because MonA asked him to help and shows them what else he managed to find. It’s a letter to the D.A clearing Alison but blaming Spencer for the death of Bethany Young and it is seeking a arrest warrant for Soencer. Spencer freaks out and is about to call her parents. The girls convince her not to and remind her they always stick together and there is more evidence to be found something that links Alison to Bethany. Spencer looks right at Mona and says lets go back to Radley…together.

Spencer and MonA head into Radley dressed as nurse and Caleb and Hannah wait in the car. Hannah is the ears and Caleb is the eyes. Aria is also inside helping the patients paint. Aria knocks over some red paint so that Spencer and MonA can steal some keys. Hannah who is beyond frustrated with the code informs MonA and Spencer that Holbrook is at Radley.

Holbrook sees Aria and heads in to talk to her. Holbrook ask her of it was Spencer’s idea for her to volunteer at Radley. Aria tells him no. Holbrook walks out.

Alison wants a cup of tea and Emily obliges only to realize half way out her bedroom that she left her phone lying where Alison can get it. She turns around but it’s to late Allison has already read the messages. Alison says I’m A . Emily challenges her by saying I don’t know are you. Instead of answering Alison says it hurts that Emily lied to her. Emily snatches her phone back and says it must really hurt when the loyal one betrays you. Alison bumps shoulders with her on the way out and tells Emily bravo before she takes off.

Paige drives up and sees Alison leave Emily’s in a huff. She sees her hop in the drivers seat of a car the two twins are in and they take off. Paige hops back in her car and follows them.

MonA and Spencer are in the record room of Radley going through Bethany Young’s files and taped sessions. MonA talks about her acceptance letters and then offers to help Spencer. Spencer declines the offer. MonA starts putting Bethany’s stuff in a bag. Spencer ask if they are taking it and MonA tells her they are just borrowing it. Spencer comes across something of interest and ask MonA to give her the tape for August the eighth. MonA hands it to her and Spencer puts it in the tape recorder. Through a bit of reading and listening the girls figure out that Alison’s mom was having a affair with Bethany’s father and that Bethany and Alison knew each other.

We also find out that Hannah got such high marks on her SAT’s they thought she cheated.

Aria jumps in the back seat of the car first. Then Spencer and MonA come out. Toby calls Spencer and they have a bad connection. Toby gets distracted and ends up getting hit by another car.

It’s Thanksgiving and the girls are at the Brew. Emily is working. Toby is in a wheelchair with a cast on his leg at a table behind them. Paige comes flying in and informs them that she saw Allison leave Emily’s last night so she followed her and the twins Cindy and Mindy. They went out to a farm and there were dozens of cars which brings Paige to the conclusion Alison is building a army of her own. Next Holbrook barges in and arrest Spencer for the murder of Bethany Young. All the while the girls are screaming that she didn’t do it.

Mona is siting at home looking through files and listening to recordings. Her mom calls her and she tells her she will be right down. Her phone goes off and it’s Hannah telling her Spencer has been arrested.

Instinctively we know by the time we reach this point in the show it’s MonA who is getting murdered. The whole I should have died when I fell of the cliff bit with Aria last week? Her telling Aria she knew things. Her trying to do the right thing and be a better person, her apologizing for what she did to them, and of course the letters which were a promise of a bright future. Ominous and ironic all at the same time.

Mona is helping her mom pack the car so she can head to their family gathering. MonA promises her mom she will be on her way in a hour and they blow each other kisses. On her way back in MonA hears a noise and looks around. She quickly heads inside and locks the door. The black hoodie person jumps out and stands on her sidewalk yet when she looks out the window no one is there. MonA heads upstairs.

Aria opens the door to EzrA who is carefully caring his pies and putting them down on the table. Aria gets a call from MonA telling her that Alison is the reason Bethany was a target and she lured her there by threatening to tell about the affair. All because Alison was jealous of Bethany. MonA ends by saying Alison is A and I can prove it. Aria hangs up tells EzrA to out his jacket back on because they are leaving to go to MonA’s.

Meanwhile black hoodie is breaking into MonA’s house. When they get inside they take the hood off and we see flowing blonde hair. Automatically we jump to the assumption that it’s Alison but what if it isn’t. Maybe it’s CeCe doing Alison another favor I mean she did kill Wilden for her so she isn’t above murder. They open the door to MonA’s room and go in. Mona turns around in fear but she also has what looks like shock on her face. So it can’t be Alison that wouldn’t shock her. Right?

Aria and company arrive but it’s just a little late. MonA put up a hell of a fight …the house is a mess and there is blood everywhere. Hannah runs up stairs we cut to the outside of the house as she screams.

Back to where the show started only this time Paige is with Alison, EzrA is still with Aria, and Caleb is with a Hannah. Lucas is there and so is Alison watching from between two police vehicles. Not sure if she is there to make sure CeCe did her job or to bask in her own glory. Holbrook comes out to the front of the house and give a press conference. Holbrook says and I quote ” The investigation is ongoing. We have rules this a homicide. Although we did not find a body the amount of blood in the house would indicate the victims wounds were fatal. MonA Vanderwaal was murdered.” MonA’s mom screams no and breaks down. Lucas looks stunned. The girls are in tears. Alison looks smug and walks away.

It’s dark and the lights are glowing bright at Emily’s house. Black hoodie walks up to the Nativity and removes the baby Jesus and lays a MonA doll in its place. Wait it gets worse. Black hoodie opens the back of their car and lays the baby Jesus on top of MonA’s dead body. MonA’s eyes are lifeless and she has blood on her cheek…. it’s a stunning image. With the image comes the realization that the one character on this show that seemingly had all the answers leaves us with more questions. The car happens to be blue just like the one Alison was in earlier….just saying.

A Tag- A is making snow globes with the girls pictures in them. By girls I mean Aria, Emily, Hannah, and Spencer. That’s right no Alison.You can draw your own conclusions as to what that may or may not mean.


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