The Custody Battle Between Jon and Kate Gosselin Continues

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The Custody Battle Between Kate and Jon Gosselin Continues

Jon and Kate Gosselin are one of those former couples that are never going to agree on anything. I mean, ever. Kate is a control freak and Jon can’t stand everything that she does but rarely has the gumption to take her to the mat (or court) to fight back. However once he learned that Kate has inked a deal to exploit their 8 kids on TLC again he freaked out.According to the Sept. 8th print edition of Life & Style Magazine Kate Plus 8 is not only returning to television but they have already began filming scenes for the show. Jon is furious that his kids are going to be exploited again just so that Kate can maintain her lifestyle. He requested that Kate not do the show for the sake of the kids and instead of granting that she is now ignoring his regular visitation requests and canceling normally scheduled visits.  It’s the kind of game that judges really frown upon and if Jon decides to file for a modification for their custody agreement he could actually be granted primary physical custody.

Would the Gosselin kids be better off living with Jon and his girlfriend or ultimately is Kate the better parent even with her hard core rules and using the kids to earn some fast cash? Do you think that it’s wrong of Kate to keep shoving those kids in front of a camera every time that bills need to be paid? Jon insists that the kids hate filming, do you believe him? Tell us in the comments below!


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