Jennifer Lawrence And Other Celebrities Target Of Massive Nude Photo Scandal

Jennifer Lawrence And Other Celebrities Target Of Massive Nude Photo Scandal

It’s ironic that Jennifer Lawrence gave Shailene Woodley advice not to make a sex tape, but her own nude photos [and possible videos] have been leaked to the whole Internet this morning. It’s also sad, considering Jennifer’s one of the few A-list celebrities that seems to genuinely cherish her privacy and private life.

Several nude photos of Jennifer were leaked this morning on 4Chan, with the hacker promising several more photos and videos on the way. Jennifer was not the only target of the hacker, who also released photos and videos of major A-list and B-list celebrities, including [allegedly] Lea Michele, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ariana Grande, Victoria Justice, and Kate Upton – just to name a few.

Obviously, this isn’t the first time that celebrity nudes have leaked online, but it certainly may be the biggest.

The hacker reportedly got the photos off iCloud thanks to a leak, even though many of these actresses’ photos had been deleted a long time ago. However, the leak enabled the hacker to access the deleted photos, because apparently, the Internet never deletes ANYTHING permanently. It’s unfortunate for those actresses, who took those photos in a private setting, probably meant for their lovers, but the privacy they were promised by their phones and accounts came undone thanks to Apple’s lack of control over its Cloud.

Jennifer’s lawyers have been the most aggressive in getting these photos shut down, and the hacker’s probably headed for several years of jail time. Authorities have reportedly detailed him already, and it was apparently not very difficult for them to do so – he was boasting about his hacking skills on 4Chan, and even posted an email for users to send their Bitcoins to.


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