The Young And The Restless Recap and Weekly Review September 1 – September 5, 2014

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The Young And The Restless Recap and Weekly Review September 1 – September 5, 2014

The Young and The Restless Recap and Weekly Review September 1st – September 5th, 2014 is below for your enjoyment!

Tuesday– Harding sends Clarence out with a officer right behind him. Sharon and Nick stay close to Mariah. Mariah tells them she couldn’t stop Ian she cries as she tells them they are married. Nick wants to know if Ian hurt her. A cop comes in and says Ian didn’t shoe up at the drop spot. Mariah refuses Sharon’s help but accepts Nick’s.

Jack reassures Kelly he wants her to love with him. He tells her summer just has to get used to it. Kelly becomes upset when she finds some of Phyllis’s things while looking for a place to hers and she leaves.

While Victor is sitting with Phyllis her eyes open.

Ian stops Nikki from calling a guard. He shows her a syringe and tells her a guard isn’t available. Dylan calls and Nikki acts normal but talks about a cold which Dylan doesn’t have. When she hangs up Ian tells Nikki it should have been her but he had to find a replacement. Nikki ask him what he has done. Ian tells her he wants what she owes him as he holds up. Bottle of tequila.

Avery helps Jack pack up Phyllis’s things and when Kelly comes back she assures him she understands. Jack wants her to feel at home.

Clarence won’t give Ian up to Paul. Dylan shows up and Paul tells him he wants to know Jair how smart Ian is.

At he hospital Sharon and Nick find out that Mariah is stable. They go in to see her and Sharon tells her she is her mother that she is Cassie’s twin. Mariah doesn’t believe it until Nick confirms it. Mariah cries and ask to be left alone.

Dylan gets to Nikki just in time. Ian takes off and Dylan goes after him.

Later Avery finds Dylan throwing away a bloody shirt. Dylan tells her it’s from a cut on his hand.

Wednesday- Abby and Stitch argue for a bit over the fact that she used him. Victoria shoes up and stitch admits that Abby kissed him to make Tyler jealous. Victoria ask him about his license. Stitch tells her he might have to leave town. Victoria apologizes for how everything has turned out. Stitch thinks she is telling him goodbye.

Meanwhile Michael still can’t give Lauren any loving. She tries to make him feel better and he accuses her of treating him like a child.

Colin shows up to talk to cane. Colin wants advice on running a business. Cane tells him what he needs to know.

Lilly and Lauren are discussing lingerie. Lauren ask her what her secret is. Lily tells her they keep things spontaneous.

Neil tells Hilary he is going back to work and Devon overhears. Both Devon and Hilary try to talk him out of it. Neil tells Hilary to drive him to work. Once they are gone a model hits on Devon but he turns her down. Michael ask if he is off the market. Devon just says he is avoiding the dating scene. Michael calls and cancels his dinner plans with Lauren.

Jack and Billy are at work when Ashley appears. They hug her. Ashley tells them she is back because she has something that will set the world of cosmetics on fire. Ashley explains it’s a perfume that she wants marketed in a bottle that has a question mark on it. Ashley wants to be co-CEO….again.

Billy arrives and trades insults with Stitch. Victoria tells Stitch goodbye and he tells her so long. Bill ask her why he got the divorce papers on what would be four years ago that he proposed. Victoria said it must have been a mistake made by her assistant. Billy wants to know if she would still say yes. Victoria tells him she would. Billy ask if that means the divorce is off.

The doctor tells Neil he still doesn’t know she his eyesight might return. Hilary breaks down in tears and not for the reasons Neil thinks either.

Lauren is all dressed up with no Michael to turn on because he cancelled on her.

Ashley and Abby are interviewing chemist. Ashley comments that the nest one looks promising. It happens to be Stitch.

Thursday– Noah tells Summer and Austin about Mariah being Cassie’s twin sister. Summer tells Austin that Mariah doesn’t deserve to be a Newman.

Mariah wakes up and tells Nick she dreamed she married Ian. Nick confirms it wasn’t a dream. Nick tells her it won’t hold up in court. Nick then reminds her that she Sharon’s daughter. Mariah wants him to leave. Nick informs her he is taking her home where she belongs.

Victor is trying his damnedest to get a reaction from Phyllis but he is getting nothing. He sees all his missed calls and phones for the jet to take him hime. Before he leaves the room Phyllis says Summer.

Billy reminisces with Victoria before signing the divorce papers. Billy tells Victoria and ending is what you need for a new beginning. Billy walks away.

Ashley hires Stitch much to Abbys dismay. Abby tries to talk her out of it but Ashley’s mind is made up. Ashley leaves the two of them to strategize. Victoria shows up and watches them.

Nick arrives at Sharon’s with Mariah who is less than thrilled to be there. Mariah ask about her father. Sharon tells her his name was Frank and then tells her he is dead. Mariah is anything but happy. Mariah wants her debt cleared so she can leave town.

Noah shows up later and Sharon explains Mariah took off and now Nick is out looking for her. Noah tells her she can’t expect to instantly become a mother to Mariah.

Nick tries to convince Mariah to come back home with him. Mariah won’t do that but she does agree to stay in town.

Ashley tells Billy she has a plan to save his marriage and when she gets back from New York she will keep Stitches mind off of Victoria.

Mariah informs Austin she is done working for tips and Nick’s charity.

Nick tells Sharon Mariah agreed to stay in town. Sharon starts looking forward to a future with Mariah.


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