Kourtney Kardashian Posts Naked Photo Of Kendall Jenner On Her Instagram

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Whenever a Kardashian poses naked, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody. After all, Kim Kardashian literally just posed naked for British GQ earlier this week, and there’s already yet another Kardashian lining up for their turn.

This time, it’s one of the younger Kardashians, Kendall Jenner. Except, it’s just ‘Kendall’ now because she’s dropped her last name, perhaps fearing [rightly so] that people would judge her before getting to know her. Anyway, Kourtney Kardashian uploaded a completely nude modeling photo of Kendall to her Instagram, because that’s what sisters are for, I guess?Russell James was reportedly the photographer, and he’s the same dude who shot Kendall’s scandalous mesh top photo from last year. Clearly, she’s got a go-to photographer whenever she wants to steal the spotlight back from Kim. After all, what other reasons does she have for posting a nude photo online just days after Kim’s own photoshoot went public?

Sure, the photo’s supposedly going to be a part of Russell’s ‘Angels’ photobook, but what’s the point of releasing it early on Instagram? Granted, it was Kourtney that uploaded it online, but that doesn’t really mean anything. For all we know, Kendall could have made her upload the photo.

Plus, Kendall’s trying more and more to be seen as a high-end fashion model instead of a Kardashian. Posing in a black and white nude photo seems like it’s her answer to that, but in the end, it’s just going to backfire on her. Right now, nobody’s associating celebrity nudity with high-class art, just stolen photos and unclassy reality famewhore antics.

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