General Hospital Recap and Weekly Review September 8 – September 12, 2014

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General Hospital Recap and Weekly Review September 8 – September 12, 2014

General Hospital Recap and Weekly Review September 8th – September 12th, 2014 is below for your enjoyment!  Now that LuLu is in Stavros clutches do you think Lulu’s Mom Laura Spencer will be showing back up in town?  Check out what our sister site Celeb Dirty Laundry has to say about that.

Monday– Spencer tells Emma that he knows who caused the accident. Emma wants to know how and Spencer tells him someone told him. Spencer tells her she can’t tell anyone or she could get hurt. Sam and Patrick are talking outside. Sam ask him why he didn’t inform her about the Crichton Clark card. Patrick is about to tell her the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth when Emma comes flying up and interrupts them. Emma has Spencer with her and tells then that he knows who caused their accident. Spencer tell Patrick that he made it all up. Emma tells them Spencer is lying because he scared. Sam takes Spencer to the side and sits with them and tells him that they are there with him. They all ask Spencer who did it and he finally admits that it is Luke Spencer who did it.

Anna is on the phone with Mac and she tells him she has no leads to where Maxie is. Nikolas and Britt are outside worrying. Obrecht comes whizzing past them and lets herself into Anna’s office. Brit tells Nikolas that she thinks his Uncle a Victor os Nathan’s father. Obrecht meanwhile is telling Anna she has proof she killed Faison. Obrecht also accuses her of putting Nathan in harms way. Anna tells Obrecht to take her undying love and obsession over Faison and get out of her office. Anna calls Robert and tries to find out more about Peter Harrell. Anna tells Nikolas when she answers she will let him know. Britt wants to know if her mothers accusation that Anna killed her father is true.

Maxie is chained to wall at the clinic screaming for help. Nathan is blindfolded and being beaten by victors men. Victor tells them to stop. He walks up to Nathan and takes some of the blood off his face. Then he tells them to put him with Maxie. They handcuff him next to her. Nathan looks over at Maxie and tells her finally realizes what a sight for sore eyes means. Nathan tells her he thinks they are at the same clinic his sister was and that Victor brought them there. Maxie thinks it’s all her fault and ask Nathan if he will ever be able to forgive her. Nathan reassures her and tells her she is perfect. Maxie tells Nathan she had listened to her heart when she first started having doubts.

Dante and Lulu wake up chained in another room. They know it’s some sort of medical facility and wonder where Nathan and Maxie are. Dante tries to reassure Lulu that Anna is going to find them. They try to figure out why Lulu was kidnapped. Dante brings up how strangely her father has beeN acting and that he has been investigating him. Before Dante can tell her for what the door opens and in walks Stavros.

Obrecht calls Victor and ask for help. Victor tells her he doesn’t have anymore embryos. Victor then promises to help find Nathan off Obrecht will tell,him of Nathan is his son. Obrecht avoids answering. Victor tells her if he finds out he kept him from his son she will pay. Victor tells her he will call her after the DNA results,return. Voctor then sends Nathan’s DNA to the lab.

Anna is explaining to Britt and Nikolas about Faison and what happened to him but before she can say whether or not his dead Obrecht comes in. She tells Anna she knows where Nathan and the others are being held.

Tuesday– Spencer tells Sam, Emma, and Patrick that Luke Spencer is the one that caused the wreck. Sam doesn’t say it isn’t possible. Patrick wants details. Spencer finally gets to tell the whole story. Spencer tells them how he heard Luke say he wanted to take his Uncle Sonny down. Spencer tells them when he confronted Luke about it he told him he would hurt Emma if he didn’t stay quiet. Spencer tells them that after that he saw the accident in tv and called and told Luke he would stay quiet and he did until he told them. Patrick tells Spencer he will protect Emma and that this will be their little secret after Spencer freaks out when Patrick suggest they go to Anna. Sam tells patrick that it’s possible with the way that Luke has been acting lately that he did do it. Sam also ask him again about the card but he tells her that it seems less important now.

Carly is at Lulu’s to take over for Olivia but finds Sonny instead. Carly insist things are over between them but Sonny kisses her anyway. Rocco starts crying and Sonny begs Carly to,stay and help. Curly later tells Sonny how she went to se Ava and got passed all her guards and asked her to take a paternity test but she refused. Sonny tells Carly he is still,going to kill her. Carly is concerned about Morgan she tells Sonny he is a mature teenager and that’s in a good day she doesn’t know hoe he could raise a baby. Sonny says that they will help,him. She then ask what happens if the baby is his. Sonny tells her they will cross that bridge when they get to it.

Obrecht informs Anna that not only does she know where everyone is but that Victor is also head of the WSB. Nikolas isn’t the least bit shocked when he hears it. Anna ask her if Victor was involved in the kidnapping. Obrecht tells,Anna that he said something that indicated that they were there. When Anna finds out Nathan might be victors son her head almost spins off. Obrecht agrees to tell her where they are if Anna will tell her what really happened to Faison. Britt convinces her to tell Anna without knowing about Faison. Obrecht tells her they are at Crichton Clark.

Victor tells his sis stand that Nathan’s DNA test is the top priority. After she leaves Peter comes flying in and demands to be allowed to out a bullet in Dante. Victor tells him he decides who gets bullets. Victor tells,him that Lulu and Dante are busy at the moment. Victor then tells,him all about Stavros and his obsession with Lulu. Peter ask Victor when he can get what he wants. Victor informs him he has a lot of balls in the it and is busy with something else at the moment.

Stavros comes in all smiles and walks right up,to,a terrified Lulu who spots in his face when he tries to touch her. Stavros tells Luku he plans on starting a family with her. Stavros tells,her all about how he took a egg from her before he out her in the deep freeze. Stavros tells him he the. Fertilized it himself (ewwwww). Stavros tells,them all he needs to,do is implant it inside Lulu.

Nathan wants to know why Maxie stopped her wedding. She tells it’s because Mac told her Nathan had feelings for her. Maxie ask him if it’s true and Nathan tells her it is. Nathan ask Maxie how he feels about her and she says she doesn’t trust herself enough to answer that question and that maybe they should try to find a way to get loose.

Wednesday– Alexis is playing with Danny at Sam’s when Julian shows up. Alexis lets him under the condition he will be gone before Molly gets back. Julian picks up Danny and Alexis gets her things and leaves. Julian promises Danny he will never let him get involved I his business.

TJ gives Molly and Shawn some cool stuff from PCU. TJ then grills Shawn about his girlfriend he is hiding. Shawn gets a call. While he is on the phone Molly becomes sick and heads back to Sam’s. TJ keeps at Shawn until he finally admits that he has been seeing TJ’s mother. TJ is glad that Shawn was honest with him.

Ned is having lunch with Olivia who is beyond worried about Dante and Lulu. Ned tells her to have a little faith. Olivia decides it’s time to give Sonny a break from babysitting and thanks Ned for being a good friend. Ned watches Olivia go. Alexis runs into Ned and they start talking. Ned tells Alexis he has been spending time with Olivia. When Ned tells,her he and Olivia are Jair friends Alexis ask him out. Ned who has only sen Alexis as a challenge decides to take her up on her offer. Ned has no problem being Alexis’s boy toy.

Molly goes into Sam’s and gets pissed when she sees Julian there. Molly blames jukian for everything that’s happened. Julian apologizes for Ric being dead. Moly ask him if her dad was really in the mob. Before Julian can tell her Alexis walks in. Molly leaves and Julian tells Alwxis he wants them to try and fix things. Alexis tells him no can do and to please leave she has a date to get.ready for. I honestly don’t know who’s stupider Alexis for thinking this is a good idea or Ned for going along with it.

Jordan goes to see Ava. Jordan has a gift for her for the baby. Ava sk her what she wants. Jordan wants Ava to out in a good word for her so Julian will tell her who their boss is. Jordan offers to help,Ava take him out. Ava wants to think about it and before she can give Jordan a concrete answer she doubles over with stomach pains.

Lulu tells Stavros in order to carry a child she will need hormone treatments for weeks. Stavros tells her he will check with the doctors at the clinic to see if her story checks out. Stavros leaves. Dante assures her that Stavros will not be taking her nor will she be carrying his baby.

Maxie gets free with the paper clip Nathan uses on her handcuffs but she ends up breaking in when she tries to undo his. Maxie decides to take off and look for help. She promises she will be back with someone.

Thursday– Rosalie is listening to a message Morgan left asking her out. Nina reminds her that she is supposed to be seducing Michael. Silas come a in and Rosalie goes out. Silas ask what they were talking about. Nina tells him she was doing some Christmas shopping. Silas tells her Sam has been looking into her. Nina gets pissed and wonders to herself I’d she needs to out Sam back in her list.

Morgan and Michael are having dinner at Kelly’s. Kiki comes up and starts teasing Morgan about Rosalie. Morgan gets upset and goes inside, Kiki follows apologizes and hugs him. Rosalie shows up and talks to Michael for a bit. Rosalie implies that Michael should be jealous of Kiki and Morgan. Rosalie goes inside and sees Morgan and Kiki talking about Carly and Sonny sleeping together.

Sam is walked hime by Patrick. They are still discussing Spencer and his story. Patrick wants to go to Anna. Sam tells him they need to get more information first. They wander about that and then Danny shows up. Patrick plays cars with him and Sam tells him he can over and play with Danny any time. Sam tells Patrick she is going to order dinner and they can talk strategy.

Ava is having trouble breathing and sits down.

Felix sees Sabrina with Ava’s file. Sabrina amazes up some excuse and Felix starts lecturing her. Ava shoes up with Jordan. Sabrina isn’t even remotely concerned with the pain Ava is in. Though she does offer her a stress ball. The doctor kicks Sabrina out. Later the doctor tells them Ava was suffering from pre term contractions. Sabrina just angrily stares at her.

Friday– Anna and Obrecht arrive at Crichton Clark. The argue. Anna is sure she can use Obrecht as a decoy to get in the clinic. Anna gives her a ear piece and tells her to get a idea of what they are up against.

Stavros barges into Victor’s office next and whines about Lulu needing hormone treatments. Victor is less than thrilled and informs him he has only be entertaining his whims about of respect for Stavros’s dead father. Victor tells him to go to bed. Instead Stavros decides to wander down the hall as he smiles like a mad man.

Next Obrecht comes to visit Victor and after a little back and forth and a threat or two,Obrecht admits Nathan is his son. Victor is angry she kept his son away for him all those years and all for the sake of Faison.

Peter goes in and harasses Nathan for a bit and then wanders off to find Maxie.

Maxie ends up,in a patients room. It’s peters father. When he lays eyes on Maxie he calls her Felicia. Peter comes in and tells Maxie the whole story about why her father is bed ridden. His father thank him for bringing Maxie to him and then tells his son it’s time for her to die.

Stavros shows back up with a nurse who shoots Lulu full of hormones. Lulu tells him to handcuff her back to the wall and get out. Stavros tells her gleefully that she is leaving with him.

Nathan pretends to be knocks out when one of victors guys comes in. The trick works and pretty soon Nathan has chocked the guy out. He gets his gun, key card, and handcuff key and takes off to look for Maxie.

Nathan gets to Victor’s office and holds a gun on him. Victor is confident Nathan won’t kill his own father.

Anna decides it’s high time she went in and took matters into her hands.


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