Teresa Giudice Likely To Get House Arrest On Fraud Charges

Teresa Giudice Likely To Get House Arrest On Fraud Charges

Teresa Giudice is weeks away from getting sentenced in her fraud case, but sources tell US Weekly that the most probable punishment right now looks like house arrest.

The reality star plead guilty to the fraud charges in March and could face almost 27 months in jail if sentenced to prison time. Her husband, Joe Giudice, faces an even bigger 46 months in jail if he’s sentenced to prison time.

The duo’s certainly in trouble, and no amount of victim-pleading on Teresa’s part is going to prevent her from paying her dues. However, sources close to the case say that Teresa is likely to get only house arrest, considering that her crimes were less ‘severe’ than Joe’s, and they also have children to take care of.

Joe’s attorney, Miles Feinstein, told US Weekly, “We’re hoping Teresa does not go to jail. The great likelihood is that Joe will get some jail time…It’s just a matter of how long.”

In other words, Teresa is FIRED from Real Housewives of New Jersey. We’ve been saying this for months, but there’s no way the executives would be alright with her shooting the show under her home – and there’s no way the legal system would be alright with her spending long hours away from her home. 

Plus, Teresa and Joe are desperate for money and have put their house for sale, which is another indication that their income stream is about to get real dry. With Teresa fired, Joe in jail, and Teresa possibly under house arrest, they’ll be desperate for any money that they get. Let’s hope they don’t resort to anything illegal – again – to get it.

Image credit: William T. Wade Jr./FAMEFLYNET PICTURES  

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