The Young And The Restless Recap and Weekly Review September 8 – September 12, 2014

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The Young and The Restless Recap and Weekly Review September 8 – September 12, 2014
The Young and The Restless Recap and Weekly Review September 8th – September 12th, 2014 is below for your enjoyment! In interesting news on Y & R apparently Chloe is headed back to town for the anniversary of Delia’s death and she could be *gasp* pregnant with Billy’s Baby.

Monday– Mariah is on a roll moaning and bitching about how she is hoping to get lucky like Summer and find out she really isn’t part of Sharon and Nick’s family. Summer tells her she is a horrible person. They both start bitching. Mariah then accuses Summer of being jealous of her. Summer tells Mariah she isn’t the only one thats had it rough. Mariah thinks this is funny and starts laughing, Austin comes to Summer’s defense and tells Mariah that Summer lost her mother. Just then Abby shows up. Summer brings her to speed and lets er know that Mariah is in fact Cassie’s twin. The girls agree to disagree and admit they wouldn’t want anyone to be held prisoner by Ian note never Mariah. However Summer feels that Mariah should be grateful. In the back Austin tries to make peace with Mariah who then tells him what her step father is a liar and a perv. After finishing his talk with Mariah Austin goes back to where Abby and Summer are and suggest that they give her a break. Summer tries being nicer but Mariah catches on and informs her she wants no pity form her or anyone. Mariah tells them they can go to hell. When they are alone Abby warns Summer to watch Mariah because Tyler fell for her pity me routine too.Jack is dreaming of Phyllis. When he wakes up he is next to Kelly. She jokes with him about him having nightmares. Jack just wants Kelly to feel welcome in his home. Jack tells Kelly that some movers are going to be putting Phyllis things in storage. Jack feels he may be letting Summer down by giving up on Phyllis. Kelly suggest that he could leave pictures of Phyllis in the houses Jack says Summer is his reminder of Phyllis. Kelly says she wants to cook him dinner and leaves to buy groceries. Jack flashes back to joking with Phyllis about her going to burn the house down by boiling water.

Avery is with Dylan at the station where Paul informs them Ian may have been seen near the Canadian border. Paul promises Dylan he will keep Nikki safe. Dylan reminds Paul that Ian still got to Nikki. Paul is sure Ian will go,down this time. Paul then notices Dylan’s hand. Dylan tells him he hurt it fixing something.

Nikki almost gets the tequila but Victor walks in to ask about the police officers. She tells him Paul sent them to keep her safe, Nikki ask where he was. Victor tells her he was on a important business trip. Nikki tells him Ian drugged and married Mariah. Victor decides his security should shadow Nikki. Nikki takes off. Victor calls Paul and they argue about who is supposed to keep Nikki safe. Victor makes it clear he will do,the protecting.

A nurse is slipping Phyllis’s wedding ring back on her finger. Her and the doctor are talking about getting the family’s hopes up. Victor calls and tells,him to,give her another dose of wakey wakey. The doctor balks at first but then Victor threatens him and tells him he wants results.

Avery tells Dylan she wants to call Stitch about his hand. She is afraid Dylan did something to Ian. Dylan assures he didn’t although he also thinks they will never se Ian again.

Nikki goes in a bar and orders a drink. A woman walks up to her and they strike up a conversation. They decide to toast to new adventures.

Paul finds out their was blood found in the Newman’s driveway. He wants DNA test done in it.

Jack is signing to have Phyllis boxes taken when the phone rings. The person on the other end is silent.

Tuesday– Nikki and her new friend Maureen talk. Maureen and Nikki order coffee and Maureen thanks Nikki for talking with her.

Abby is bitching to track about Mariah. Traci suggest she try be understanding and kinder to her. Abby sees Stitch and tells her she has to go deal with another criminal. Abby takes off.

Victoria runs into Stitch and point blank ask what is going on with him and her sister. Stitch tells her not to worry he can barely stand Abby. Abby comes up and hits him in the arm and reminds him their is a confidentiality clause in his contract and that Victoria is a Newman. Victoria gives Abby a hug and leaves. Abby brings up Stitches past and says she can’t understand why he dis what he did. Stitch leaves.

Jack is talking to Phyllis’s nurse when Kelly comes in. Jack tries to ask the nurse about Phyllis but she hangs up. Kelly tells,him to,call,the clinic. Jack does and Phyllis’s doctor tells him there has been no change in Phyllis’s condition. Jack is still uneasy and tells Kelly something isn’t right. Kelly ask if he is going to go check on her. Traci shows up and Kelly leaves so they can talk. Jack tells,her he is thinking of going to see Phyllis. Traci thinks he is having trouble letting go. Jack decides that he will,stay if anything comes up the clinic will call Summer or Avery.

Victor has roses sent to Nikki. Victor and Victoria discuss Stitch working for Jabbot and her divorce from Billy. Phyllis’s doctor calls him and Victoria leaves. The doctor tells him the nurse tries to tell Jack,about Phyllis and that he will,take care of her. Victor tells him to push forward and that Phyllis was a risk taker.

Stitch and Kelly are talking when Nikki’s new friend Maureen walks up to them. They both look at her and say Mom.

The doctor gets on to the nurse and tells her she is to allowed in that wing of the clinic anymore. Phyllis says the word call. The doctor is amazes at how quickly Phyllis is recovering.

Nikki knocks over her roses from Victor. He walks in and ask her what in the world.

Wednesday– cane lets Devon know he was trying to do something nice for Neil but it’s about to blow up in his face. Can you say Malcolm?

Maureen tells Kelly and Stitch she just wanted to pay them a visit. Kelly is wise to her and ask what she really wants. Kelly gets her mother a room and they all agree to,get together the next day. Maureen is going through the newspaper when she spots Nikki and realizes she is married to Victor Newman.

Paul tells Christine they found evidence involving Ian at the ranch.

Lily is reding the paper to Neil. Hilary suggest he try out some apps but he rudely tells her no. Lily tells Neil that Hilary is only trying to help. Hilary looks at her in shock. Neil becomes angry and starts bellowing. Devon and cane walk in followed by Malcolm. Malcolm hugs Neil then he hugs Lily and Devon. Malcolm sees Hilary and Neil yells that she is his wife. Malcolm tells,Neil that cane called him when he was in the hospital and he has some time off so he came for a visit. Everyone leaves. Malcolm and Neil rehash some of thier long standing grievances like Sofia, Neil being Moses father and Malcolm’s relationship with Dru. Malcolm tells Neil that he loves him and needs him. They talk about Neil being blind and Neil tells Malcolm his eyesight will return. Malcolm ask him what happens if it doesn’t. Malcolm brings up the age difference between Hilary and Neil and tells Neil he wonders if she will stick around if his blindness is permanent.

Victor goes to give Nikki the third degree about her stumbling over the table but Paul interrupts. Paul informs them they found blood of Ian’s on the driveway. Nikki tells him that Dylan went after Ian but couldn’t catch him. When Paul is out do earshot they argue. Victor tells Nikki about Victorias divorce. Nikki says she will call her but really leaves to hurl. Paul tells Victor to tell Nikki he said bye.

Again Avery is badgering Dylan about his hand. Dylan tells,her it will be fine. Christine comes in and invites him to a surprise party she is having for Paul. They agree to come. Avery is excited.

Hilary, Lili, Devon and Cane are discussing Malcolm. Hilary thinks Cane did the right thing by calling him. Lily wants to give Cane a private thank you. Devon and Hilary talk about Malcolm and Neil’s relationship. Devon tells her it’s all about sibling rivalry and how they both always want the same woman.

Thursday- Chelsea is having a dream about being in the shower with Billy. But she quickly wakes up when Billy becomes Adam.

Billy receives a call from Chelsea and they talk about Connor for a bit. When Billy tells her that his divorce from Victoria is official Chelsea becomes flustered and pretends she needs to hang up because Anita is calling her. Chelsea calls back and tells,him she just didn’t know what to,say. Billy tells her he misses her and ask when she plans on being back, Chelsea tells him she needs to go.

Lily is confident Malcolm can get through to Neil. Devon isn’t so sure.

Malcolm and Neil catch up on gossip. Malcolm brings up Neil’s blindness and the fact he needs to face it. Malcolm them brings up how Neil always puts up walls and that he needs to learn to accept their help. Neil informs Malcolm that he is going hime and he can either help,him or stay at the park.

Nick and Sharon worry about where Mariah is. Nick says he will go look for her.

Nick finds Mariah talking to Kevin. Nick argues with her about making Sharon worry. Kevin comes to see how things are going. Nick takes note that Kevin is friends with her. Nick tells her she can trust Sharon to. Nick leaves. Kevin ask her if she still,wants to leave town. Mariah ask for a ride to work instead.

Sharon and Hilary talk about Neil and Malcolm. Sharon suggest Hilary take some time and have a life. Hilary tells her Neil is her life now as she looks over at Devon.

Neil is still arguing with Malcolm’s and wonders if he plans on wrestling him to get him to admit he is scared. Malcolm tells him he isn’t going to wrestle a blind man. Malcolm tells Neil to just say it. Neil admits he is scared. Neil tells Malcolm he thinks he can be it with him and everyone else supporting him. They hug. When Lily, Devon, and Hilary show upmtheybare relaxing and listening to jazz. Neil apologizes to everyone. Then he thanks Malcolm. Malcolm hugs everyone, tells them to help Neil and then tells them he loves them and goodbye.

Nick tells Sharon he found Mariah and he thinks she may stay the nights with them. Sharon wants to celebrate. Nick ask shady and tells her not just yet. When he is alone he makes a call
and ask someone for a favor.

Friday– Sharon comes home and Nick tells her they are going somewhere. Noah is already there to watch Faith. Nick informs Sharon she will be blindfolded. Summer comes by later to take over for Noah. Summer tells,Noah it’s like Cassie has come back, Noah suggest she not make it into a competition. They talk about Kelly and Jack. Noah tells,her she should try and let Kelly in.

Dylan has made fishing lures for Paul. Avery ask how he feels about him,Dylan tells Avery he is ready to be Paul’s friend. Dylan then chases Avery out. Dylan tells her he promised he wouldn’t be there.

Nick comes in with Sharon and has the place done up like their college dance. They take a stroll down memory lane and recall when he asked her to marry him. Nick then gets down on one knee and ask her to marry him again. Sharon says yes.

Paul lets Michael know he is waiting in a DNA test to come back. Michael reminds him he is supposed to have dinner with Christine. Paul says he might need to,cancel. The report arrives the blood was Ian’s. Jeff walks in and whines about a parking ticket. Paul leaves. Jeff wants Michael to help him and he will do something for him in return. Jeff tells him about Ian’s car being at the racetrack and the fact that Dylan was also there.

Jack wants to meet Kelly’s mom. Kelly thinks it’s a bad idea.

Victor ask Nikki why she isn’t ready for Paul’s party. Nikki doesn’t want to,go. They argue. Nikki thinks Christine will just talk trash to her. Victor tells Nikki Christine won’t.

Paul finally arrives for his surprise party. Paul looks upset but Goes along with the congratulations. Michael arrives and tells Paul that Dylan was spotted at the racetrack. Paul tells Dylan he will need to question him. Maureen sees Nikki and calls her sherry. Victor overhears her.

When Kelly and Jack get home they find flowers from Summer for Kelly welcoming her home.

Phyllis is mumbling in her sleep and moving around. She abruptly sits up and screams no.


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