Jennifer Lawrence Still Hasn’t Met Chris Martin’s Children, Gwyneth Paltrow Keeping Them At Distance

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Jennifer Lawrence Still Hasn't Met Chris Martin's Children, Gwyneth Paltrow Keeping Them At Distance

Even though Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin have been dating for a few months, People Magazine reports that Jennifer still hasn’t met Chris’ kids yet. Thank you Gwyneth Paltrow People for that clarification.

The way that People’s ‘source’ explains it, “Jen has made a few visits to his Malibu house. Chris seems very respectful of Gwyneth and feels more comfortable spending time with Jen away from his family.”

In other words, GOOP doesn’t want Jennifer anywhere near her kids, corrupting them with chips, cheetos, and all manner of junk food. She’s worked hard to keep her healthy starved of fun food, dammit! She doesn’t need some 24 year old to come and ruin it by talking about pizza and chocolate all the time.Ok, all kidding aside, this is actually good parenting on both Chris’ and Gwyneth’s part. Technically speaking, Chris and Gwyneth aren’t even separated yet, and they’ve been doing everything in their power to make this divorce easy on their kids. I don’t often praise GOOP and Chris for anything, but they’ve handled this whole situation with a surprising modicum of professionalism. The kids don’t need to get confused by constantly changing girlfriends and boyfriends, and Chris and Jennifer have only been dating for a few months. Even then, I doubt that relationship is going to go anywhere, so Jennifer meeting the kids? Yeah, probably never going to happen.

Plus, in that same regard, I doubt Gwyneth has introduced the kids to her new boyfriend, Glee producer Brad Falchuk. Basically, the kids are going to continue living their normal lives, and Gwyneth and Chris will try their best to accomodate that. Good for them!


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