Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 5 “Time Heist” REVIEW

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Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 5 “Time Heist” REVIEW

The Doctor Who Season 8, Episode 5 ″Time Heist,” is below for your enjoyment!

Clara and the Doctor are in her room where she is getting ready for a date with Danny Pink. The Doctor wants her to join him in a adventure that will be amazeaballs. Clara however is set on her date so the Doctor tries to dissuade her with a few of his observations starting with “Why is your face all colored in?” Which quickly moves to “Are you taller?” Clara responds heels. The Doctor then ask if she needs to reach a shelf. Clara simply tells him she is going to be late. The Doctor says for a shelf. Just as they are about to head out the door the phone on the TARDIS rings which of course is a once Ina lifetime occurrence. They argue the points of answering including who it might be. They come up with the woman from a shop that the number was given to. Hmmmm…… Clara is against him answering because if he does a thing will most certainly happen and she will miss her date. Since the Doctor doesn’t want her to go on the date he answers the phone.

Next thing you know they are who knows where with these really nasty looking worms. The are there with two other people and it seems all four have consented to have their memory’s erased or in this case sucked out of them which as we know his always a highly suspicious event. Then we hear a recorded message from someone who kind of sorta reminds you of the a Doctor. The message is as follows: this is a recorded message. I am the Architect. Your last memory is of receiving a contact from a unknown agency….me. Everything since has been erased from your minds. Now pay close attention to this briefing. This is the Bank of Karabraxos. The most secure bank in the galaxy. A fortress for the super rich. If you can afford your own star system this is where you keep it. No one sets foot on the planet without protocols. All the movement is monitored. All air consumption regulated. DNA is authenticated at every stage. Intruders will be incinerated. Each vault,buried deep in the earth, is accessed by a drop,slot at the planets surface. It’s automatically sealed. An unbreakable lock. The atoms have all been scrambled. Your presence on the planet is unauthorized. A team will be dispatched to terminate you. Your survival,depends on following my instructions. All the information you need is in the case. The Bank of Karabraxos is impregnable. The Bank of Karabraxos has never been breached. You will rob the Bank of Karabraxos. During this lovely speech a bunch of team shows up to you know get the terminating under way. No sweat it’s just another dateless night of amazeaballs adventure for our two plus two more.

The guy takes stock of the lay out and them downloads them to,his On my way! little mainframe in his head. The Doctor grabs a thingy that will no doubt will be of relevance and slip out the back.

Clara and the Doctor get a chance to didm out who the other two joining him in the madcap adventure are. Psi is first up. The Doctor refers to him as a computer augmented human with a mainframe in his head. Psi tells him he is a gamer and then ask him who out him in charge. Lol. The Doctor tells him he is a liar and then points out the prison code that is in his neck. Psi tells him he is a hacker slash bank robber. The Doctor tells Psi it’s a good day to be a bank robber. The Doctor moves on to Saibra. He calls her a mutant human and then ask what kind of mutant. Saibra would also like to know why he is in charge. The doctor informs her that is his special power and then ask her what hers is. Without missing a beat Saibra reaches out and touches Clara. She turns into a exact replica of Clara.

They enter the bank thanks to Psi’s special powers and I have to say Clara def picked the right outfit to wear for the evening the pantsuit is so robbing the bank worthy. The toe screams stick em’ up. They come upon the head of security. Ms. Delphox. She is head of something know as the Teller and if I understand correctly it survives of of people’s guilt. Which is why our fantastic four had to have there memories swiped before they started their little mission. There is a cute moment where the Doctor realizes if he had the TAESIS he could rob the bank simple as that. Clara then pretty much says TARDIS where? Well played Clara well played.

They squeak by hat freaky Teller thing and go into a room which they then can get access to the underground bank from with the help is a dimensional bomb given to them courtesy of the Architect of course. Once down the rabbit hole they find another gift it’s what the Doctor refers to as a escape strategy of sorts. It’s six ready to plunge syringes. They split up into groups of two Psi with Clara and the Doctor with Saibra. Psi is having a glitchy moment and needs to reset his memory. So well he is plugged in he and Clara chat a bit about who he is. Psi was was In prison and while being questioned he panicked and deleted all of his memories. Clara tells him there are a few she would like to lose. Psi tells her he lost a few he wished he hadn’t like those of his family and friends. Clara seems shocked that he deletes his friends and family and she ask him how he could do that. Psi simply says he must have loved them.

The Doctor and Sainra have a equally enlightening see Saibra has a mutant gene that means that no one can touch her. If they do she will transform and that person will be looking at themselves. Saibra is all alone. When the Doctor as her why. Her reply is to ask him if he could trust someone who is looked back at him with his own eyes. Sad stuff.

A man who had his brain turned into mush earlier appears out of nowhere just as Clara and Psi catch up to them. They talk off and wind up in a room with a Teller. The Doctor tells everyone to don’t blink, don’t breathe, don’t think. Clara does the exact opposite and the Teller becomes aware of them. They all take off in different directions and Saibra gets caught by the Teller. The Doctor throws her a syringe. Saibra makes him promise that he will kill the Architect. The Doctor admits he hates him equally as much but doesn’t promise to kill him. She plunges the needle in and just like something straight out of Willy Wonka she vaporizes. But not before she can tell the Doctor he is a good man.

Our three musketeers are on the run and the Doctor is keeping it strictly professional. When Clara ask him if he is okay all he will say is no, but it’s because he has amnesia and is robbing a bank. Psi is not pleased with the Doctors demeanor and lets him know it . Psi ask him if he calls himself the doctor due to his personal detachment. He a Doctor breaks with his professional bit for a minute to tell Psi that when they are done there he by all means can go and find himself a shoulder to,cry on but until then Psi needs him. Clara tries to soothe things over by telling Psi that underneath it all the Doctor really is like the softer side of Sears. Psi points out that Clara must have been with the Doctor for awhile. When she ask him why he says that Psi tells her it’s because she is really good at the excuses.

Ms. Delphox has unleashed a Teller to find them. Psi tires to unlock the vault but makes sure the Doctor leaves him his golden ticket you know just in case. The Doctor and Clara take off in separate directions hoping to confuse the Teller. Which seems like a good plan until it snags Clara. Psi decides he needs his just in case and plunges the needles in himself in order to save her.

So now we are down to just our two Clara and the Doctor. They go over to the vault Psi was working on and see that of the locks is still very much working. A solar storm does them a solid by blowing over thus making the lock shut off. The Doctor finally gets it and explains it for all of us who don’t speak Doctor. He tells Clara that whoever planned all this, they’re in the future. This isn’t just a bank heist, it’s a time-travel heist. We’ve been sent back in time to the exact moment of the storm to be in exactly the right place when it hits because that’s the only time that the bank is vulnerable. Get it Time Heist? It’s all right there in the episode title people.

They manage to get open two of three vaults before they are caught by a Teller. They found cures for Saibra and Psi. Seems a little late for that.

They are taken to Ms. Delphox who has a exchange with the Doctor. The Doctor tells her what a useful species the Tellers are. She tells him she has a exclusive deal with them. The Doctor tells her it must be awfully nosi at inside its head. Painful for it to listen to so much chatter and that all the secrets must drive it crazy. The Doctor wonders how she gets it to obey. She tells him that everything has a price tag. She admits to the Doctor that she hates her boss but stays because her face fits. Strange thing to say. She then threatens them to death by incineration and leaves them with two guards.

The guards however have plans of their owns and let them live because the two guess are Saibra and Psi. They syringes aren’t death by chocolate but rather a teleportation type deal that sent them to safety.

Reunited and it feels so good. They hastily make their way back to the last vault. Psi realizes as he is trying to hack it that someone is living in there. Turns out it’s Karabraxos herself. She looks exactly like Ms. Delphox which is probably because Delphix is her clone of which she has many and apparently she loathes them each and everyone. Or as she tells the Doctor it’s the only way she can control security. She has a clone in every facility. She complains about how when she has to kill ..I mean fire them they don’t even put up a fight. Blah blah blah. The Doctor tells her she would be the career break for the right therapist. The Doctor finally reaches his limit and in what is shades of Malcolm Tucker the a Doctor shouts shut up. Just shut up. Shut up, shut up, shuttity up up up.

The Doctor has his wow moment and realizes he hates the Architect. Or as he tells Clara The Architect is overbearing, he’s manipulative, likes to think that he’s very clever. I hate him. Clara, don’t you see? I hate the Architect. So the Architect is the Doctor. Confused much? The Doctor gives Karaboxos his number and tells her to call him sometime. She points out he will be dead. The Doctor tells her she will be old and full of regret and that they will get along famously. She laughs before she leaves to evade the storm. She sends a Teller in to finish them off. The Doctor is more than happy to let the Teller get ahold on him. The Doctor tells the Teller there are so many memories in here. Feast on them. Tusk in. Big scarf. Bow tie. A bit embarrassing. What do you think of the new look? I was hoping for minimalism, but I think I came out with magician.

Turns out Karabraxos did have one regret and on her death bed she called the Doctor. Her regret was that she kept the Teller in line by keeping his mate chained up in the vault. Meaning that this was never about a heist it was about getting the Teller back his mate. We see how it all came to be the Doctor creating his plan as the Architect. Hoodie and all. Getting Clara in the TARDIS. The Doctor tells the Teller he is free to do what he as always wanted.the Teller opens the vault and the rest see his female mate. The Doctor tells them all it was never about a bank heist. It never was, it was a rescue mission for a whole species.

We know have the elusive number six we needed for the amount of syringes to add up correctly. The syringes teleport them all back into the TARDIS. THE doctor give Psi and Saibra what they also wanted most and takes them home. The a doctor puts the Tellers in a empty world where they will hear thoughts no more.

The Doctor has one last person to drop off Clara. She can finally have her date with Danny. Clara tells him not to rob any banks without her. The Doctor calls her boss and tells her of course not.

When he is alone he mutters to himself robbing a bank. Robbing a whole bank. Beat that for a date. Jealous much Doc?


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