Amanda Bynes Kicked Out Of Fashion School – Drug Relapse?

Amanda Bynes Kicked Out Of Fashion School - Drug Relapse?

We found out yesterday that Amanda Bynes had been arrested over the weekend for driving under the influence. Reports confirmed that she was under the influence of Adderall and possibly marijuana, which doesn’t bode well for her health or state of mind. However, some people were questioning how she got to this state when she was supposedly doing so well over the recent months. But alas, several sources have confirmed [via TMZ] that Amanda was actually kicked out of the Fashion Institute Of Design and Merchandising [FIDM] in Irvine, California last month.

Amanda has been spending the last year there, after being released from rehab into her parents’ conservatorship. However, once she got her own apartment and started trying to get back to her normal routine, things didn’t go so well. Whether it was related to her drug usage or her mental health issues, reports allege that Amanda was turning up sporadically to class and paying other students to take her tests and do her homework. After acting stoned whenever she deigned to show up to school, she was eventually kicked out. I mean, drugs, cheating, and constant absences? Yeah, no school is that forgiving, regardless of your personal history or your celebrity status.

Sources are saying that Amanda’s return to smoking weed and her not taking her anti-psychotic medication has led to this relapse. Hopefully her parents are able to get a handle on the situation before it becomes worse. The poor girl doesn’t need a repeat of what happened last year, especially with the increased media scrutiny.

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