The Young And The Restless Recap and Weekly Review September 28 – October 3, 2014

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The Young And The Restless Recap and Weekly Review September 28 – October 3, 2014

The Young and The Restless Recap and Weekly Review September 28th – October 3rd, 2014 is below for your enjoyment!

Monday – Summer is with Jack when he finds Ashley chilling in his work chair. Jack mumbles to himself. Ashley meanwhile is talking to Summer and telling her she is looking forward to getting to know her and her Austin. Then Jack and Ashley start arguing about her hiring Stitch and him doing her dirty. Ashley makes it clear if she doesn’t get everything she wants she is out the door. Summer later tells jack she wants him to help Austin land a job behind the camera. Jack tells her if Austin ask he will get him the job.

Chelsea and Billy are kissing while their kids are biting each other.

Phyllis finds the hidden keys and enters the house after she heads upstairs Kelly comes back.

Chelsea and Billy run into Victoria at the hospital. Victoria begins arguing with Chelsea as soon as Billy walks away. When he comes back Victoria yells at him then leaves. Chelsea tells. Illy all about it and he gives her a kiss of assurance which wouldn’t you know Victoria sees because she is back. Victoria does some more yelling. Chelsea leaves and Billy tells Victoria she has to get used to Chelsea being a part of his life.

Ashley and Abby are chit chatting about what all she missed while she was away including and not limited to Summer marrying a felon named Austin, Jack and Kelly sharing the same bed he did with Phyllis and Chelsea now dating Billy. Ashley is more interested in what’s going on with Stitch. Speaking of…… He appears like magic. Stitch ask about the lab. Ashley starts hitting on him which makes Abby uncomfortable so she leaves. Ashley ask him to work through dinner with her.

Austin and Mariah are at work talking he tells her how he has to work two jobs but it’s still better than living off of Summer. Mariah says they should still a bottle and have some fun. Kevin walks in and Mariah ask him what he has been up to. Kevin says busy and he points out she has been too. Kevin reminds her that Austin’s married. Mariah tells him she doesn’t go for other guys girls. He reminds her about Abby. Summer comes in and kisses Austin. Mariah invites Kevin to Sharon and Nick’s wedding. Summer lets Austin know her dad is willing to get him a job if he talks to him about it. Austin tells her he will.

Nick ask Sharon why the purse gives her the wig. Sharon doesn’t know. They talk about the wedding and make jokes about where they should sit Victor. Kelly calls and wants to come help plan the reception.

Kelly leaves and Phyllis reappears. Phyllis finds her picture out away and takes it back out. She ask finds a invitation to nick and Sharon’s wedding.

Jack comes hime and becomes aware that Phyllis’s picture is on the mantle.

Kelly arrives and they all three work on the plans for the wedding. When Kelly leaves Nick tells Sharon to pack a bikini for the honeymoon. Sharon goes upstairs and puts one on. Someone knocks at the door and when Nick answers it a jacket is thrown over his head.

Tuesday– Sharon , Nick and everyone from their respective parties are in jail. Harding tells them they are all staying there for the night.

Skip back to six hour earlier and Nick is pulled out the door. Sharon in her bikini is surprised by Abby, Victoria, and Summer while she is looking for Nick. They tells Marin to get dressed for her party. Phyllis is watching everything through the window. When everyone is fine Phyllis finds yet another key and lets herself in. She finds Sharon’s traffic ticket and is stunned to see the date on it. Phyllis then looks at a pic of Sharon and Nick with with Faith.

In the van Nick is accompanied by Neil,Kevin, Austin, Devon Jack, Michael, and Noah. They head to the high school football field and take out chairs and sit down to have a few beers.

Stitch convinces Ashley to leave the club and go somewhere else with him.

Sharon and company arrive at the bar. Mariah, Kelly, Lily and Nikki are there. It is a out to rain so Sharon tells them she knows another place they can go.

Cane joins up with everyone at the football field.

Sharon is at another bar with the girls and Ashley and Stitch are also there. Tyler is there as well. Stitch says hi tom Victoria who ask him if he is working on a bonus. Stitch tells her they are just working. Mariah is talking to Tyler while Abby glares. Sharon dances with a stripper while Nikki orders a soda. Stitch wants to dance with Victoria but she says no. Abby gets hammered so Ashley has to keep her away from Kelly. Just about everyone is fighting when Nick and company arrive. Everyone starts dancing. A man ask Michael of he is Michael Baldwin and then punches him. Nick steps in followed by Neil. Pretty soon it’s a all out fight.

Back to jail where Sharon and Nick are grinning at one another. Courtney arrives and lets them know their bail hasn’t been set and the bar owner is pressing charges. Jack decides to make a speech. Everyone claps afterwards. Harding comes by later and lets them go. Billy got the judge up and paid the bail.

Nick tells Sharon he is sleeping at the Tackhouse. He kisses her. A wind comes by and blows off a paper that Phyllis wrote Nick’s name on.

Wednesday- Michael is hung over and trying to convince Lauren they should rent a hotel room and get it on. Lauren reminds him he has a doctors appointment. Femnore shows up and ask Michael if he should be worried about him when he sees his black eye.

Victor is in Sweden. He leaves Nikki a message and then tries to get the doc to hurry along the DNA results. The doctor tells him the blood types match. While waiting for the rest of the test he calls to check on Phyllis and finds out she has left the clinic.

Mariah is checking out a cute guy in a suit when Kevin walks up and ask her what time he needs to pick her up for the wedding. Mariah tells him and then clarifies this isn’t a date. Kevin tells her he knows that. The cute guy in the suit reappears and Kevin tells Mariah she should have invited him. Mariah tells me in she isn’t backing out in him. Kevin tells Mariah he thinks she likes him.

Avery is fighting with Paul about bringing Dylan in. Paul tells her Christine is going to charge him with first degree murder. Avery doesn’t understand how Paul can let this happen. Paul tells Harding to get it done. In the interrogation room Harding is questioning Dylan. Avery points out that their witness is a drink and very unreliable. The shoe test comes back and the mud matches Dylan’s shoes. Paul gets upset and leaves. Harding lets every know Paul held out doing the rest for as long as he could. Harding tells Dylan to confess for Paul’s sake. Avery tells him this case will never go to trial. Avery kisses Dylan and then Harding puts him in a cell.

Sharon gets Nick something for his head. Then Austin, Summer , and Noah arrive for faiths bday. Faith comes down the stairs yelling with excitement. No one notices Phyllis’s note, faith fits a bicycle and then a doll from Summer. Mariah arrives with her favorite cupcakes. Noah finds Phyllis’s note. Nick says the handwriting looks familiar. Sharon just tosses it.

Kevin’s talking to Lauren about the cute guy in the suit. Kevin tells her he is equally as food looking. Lauren doesn’t agree, Lauren tells Kevin to remove his wedding ring but he won’t, Lauren leaves a message for Michael. Kevin takes off his ring when he gets to the door.

Mariah is being rude to Summer and Austin. Summer what’s to know what her trip is. Mariah tells her that neither of them really know each other. Few more walks in and Summer hugs him.

Michael is ay the doctors appointment. The doctor tells something besides stress could have caused his problems.

Avery opens the door to the cute guy in the suit. She calls him Joe. Joe tells her she is more beautiful than the day they got married.

Thursday- Kelly and Jack are discussing Nick and Sharon’s wedding. Jack tells her he may not go. Kelly ask if it has anything to do with Phyllis. Jack says no and then agrees to come of she will slow dance with him. They head upstairs and have sex.

Phyllis is looking at the invitation to the wedding she cries and puts on her engagement ring.

Joe and Avery catch up and before he leaves he tells Avery to keep in touch.

Paul and Dylan tell Nikki that Dylan’s arrest is all a ploy to life Ian out of hiding. Paul plans on announcing Dylan was arrested and then he wants Nikki to place a personal ad that will get Ian’s attention. Nikki agrees and Paul goes out and makes the announcement,

Summer is introducing Fenmore to Mariah and Austin then the two sit down and catch up. Mariah finds out that Ian is dead and that Dylan is in jail for it.

Michael ask the doctor if everything is ok. The doctors tell him it looks to be but will know for sure when he gets the lab results.

Michaels doctor ask for a rush on the lab results. He is concerned about the levels.

Phyllis goes to a pawn shop and ask how much she can get for her ring.

Friday– Faith wakes up Sharon and Mariah. Faith is excited about the wedding. They all start getting ready.
Jack and Kelly get it on and then she heads to get things ready for the reception she tells him she will see him at the wedding.

Victor is dressed for the wedding and Nikki is not. Victor wonders if she has forgotten what day it is. She hasn’t. Later when she is dressed she tells Victor she isn’t looking forward to Sharon being in the family again.

Avery tells Nick about Dylan, Nick still wants Avery to come. She agrees and say she will get his tie and meet him at the church.

Summer calls about her mother but the doctor still won’t answer any if her questions.

Victor is in Georgia trying to find out what happened to Phyllis. While yelling at the doctor he gets a call that Phyllis was involved in a fight.

Lily and Cane are ready to go. Devon shows up with Neil. Lilly ask Devon if he has a date and he says no. Kelly arrives.

Everyone is arriving at the wedding. Kevin thinks Mariah looks hot. Lauren and Michael show up. Mariah leaves and then Michael talks to Kevin about his date. Kelly and Jack meet up. When Courtney arrives Summer warns her something odd is going on in Georgia, Lily, Cane, Devon and Neil arrive next. As does Noah. Victoria and Nikki head to see Nick. Abby comes in and wonders if Victor will be there. Sharon does the something old something borrowed something blue and then is ready. Avery gets there with Nick’s tie. Sharon meets Nick at the altar and says lets do this.

Phyllis rips up the invitation. Phyllis gets ready takes one last look in the mirror and says perfect. When she opens her door a cop is standing there.


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